Friday, 18 June 2010

Evening all

First up I’d like to say thanks for all your comments on yesterday’s email about my new tattoo! It’s doing fine so far, a little stingy when I wear trousers with a high waistband (but that’s easy to avoid!) It’s looking pretty good, and I’m applying lots of nappy rash cream (on the advice of my tattoist and the internet) so hopefully it will heal quickly! The only downside is that I didn’t feel much like going for a walk because of the stinging thing, and for the same reason I didn’t risk working out and getting sweaty either. So, as so many of you already have tattoos I wanted to ask if you think it’ll be OK to train tomorrow? I know sweat stings when it gets in your eyes, so I can imagine it not being too comfortable on a fresh tattoo, and I also don’t want to be taking too many showers just now (within the realms of human decency and consideration for M) so I’d appreciate some advice! It doesn’t hurt at all from bending or turning so I’m not worried about that anyway!

As I did nothing active today I’m feeling a bit restless right now. I shopped and went to the library, but did it by car, which seems both lazy and wasteful to me now! I haven’t overeaten as much today, I think I’m working my way back to normal, but I did demolish a bit of peanut butter earlier.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and strawberries

Lunch: Monster stir fry with tofu in chilli hoisin marinade. I was running out of the marinade, so used less and actually I think it was about right today, so that was good!


Dinner: Split pea soup thickened and bulked up with a portion of millet-black bean and corn salad. This worked quite well – even though I didn’t pick out the cucumber first! Served with a toasted sandwich of LC, Babybel light, and red onion.


Snacks: Protein smoothie and Greek yoghurt with honey and grape nuts, plus some peanut butter and another Babybel cheese. The Greek yoghurt was full fat Fage bought by mistake; it was a bit too rich for my taste so I bought a carton of 0% today and I’ll mix them together next time. I ate it out of my honey jar as there was so little left in the jar.


Also some cantaloupe melon


Weight today: 10 st 3.25lbs (143.25 lbs) – a pleasant surprise after my eating for courage yesterday!!!


  1. Should be fine to work out just avoid stuff like sit ups or anything that will rub it. By tomorrow you might be at the itching stage which is frustrating! I'm sure you've already been told but whatever you do don't scratch the scabs off as it will take the ink out and leave you with a patchy tattoo that will have to be retouched. Also, my personal fave after cream is Bach Rescue Remedy cream, it works really well!

  2. Hi Chrissie. You obviously burned a lot of stress calories yesterday!

    I would use anesthetic cream and just carry on as normal. Germolene as I mentioned is good. Also Ibruprofen gel. I've used both of these on my feet with very painful psoriasis - PPP type gives a lot of raw skin and many times I wouldn't have been able to walk without the gel. It lasts for about 1.5 hours (I found).

    Full fat dairy is horrible when you're used to the skinnier stuff!

    Bearfriend xx