Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Born again healthy

Obviously being a spoiled bratty little rebel yesterday did me good! Unlike most times when I have a bad day (especially a sugar and other refined-carbs bad day) I didn’t wake up dying to take a nose dive into a vat of chocolate. Which is lucky because I had to stay in for a delivery all day (it came about 4:40) so I would have exploded with frustration if I was in that kind of mood again!

I had a quiet day spent with a marathon of recorded NCIS: LA (still not as good as NCIS, but if you watch a few in a row they grow on you a bit – or maybe your powers of discrimination atrophy ;-) ) doing some cooking, killing wasps and killing time. Eventually I got bored and decided to do 40 minutes on the exercise bike, got a bit carried away and ended up doing 67 minutes while watching 1.5 episodes of recorded Cold Cases. Yep, I like my formulaic murder mysteries! Now parts of me are a little bit tender…


Food today:

Breakfast: all bran with peaches and a bowl of cottage cheese with jam mixed in


Lunch: Gorgeous! A ‘ragout’ of mushrooms and onions served with sauteed spinach and grilled polenta.


Dinner: Also gorgeous! I’ve never had sloppy joes, but I’ve been intrigued by seeing them – and lentil versions – online so I decided to give it a go. I also made a chunky vegetable soup to go with

P1060223 P1060224

Snacks: Porridge oats soaked in soya milk, mixed with cookies and cream whey, and served with strawberries that I’d marinated in balsamic vinegar;


Fage yoghurt (mixed Original & fat free Fage) with summer fruit and blueberries


And a 3 ingredient peanut butter cookie from yesterday, straight out of the freezer – and OMG so delicious!!! Might have a Dorset Cereals bar later – I definitely earned one!

No weigh today

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