Sunday, 20 June 2010


OK, you might think I’m easily pleased… but this morning I spent 40 mins on the elliptical walker and 10 mins on the cycle and followed that with a blissful shower. (I was starting to feel a bit like Shrek!) I feel human again! No pain or itching from the tattoo by the way, and no sign of scabbing yet either – how long should that take?

Food today:

Breakfast / Post-training snack: All bran with peaches and toast with LC and jam

Lunch: South African-inspired peanut stew (very tasty!) with brown rice, bread and a little salad of chopped cucumber, tomato and spring onion


Dinner: Grilled halloumi, mushrooms, onion & pepper salad with asparagus


Snacks: Mixed Fage yoghurts shaken up in a jar with the last of my reduced sugar strawberry jam (I’ll be buying more because reduced sugar or not, I love this (Waitrose own) brand!

 P1060201 P1060202

Popcorn with Nando’s chip seasoning


and some melon


Weight 10 st 4.25lbs (144.25 lbs :-(  ) no comment


  1. It might not scab at all... sometimes they just peel like a sunburn.