Monday, 14 June 2010

Bad day

I had the worst night’s sleep of my life last night. Possibly even worse than that. I had trouble getting to sleep, and fairly shortly after finally getting off woke up from a terrible dream in no fit state to get back to sleep – I think I probably managed an hour at most :-(

So I am not feeling perky now! I spent the morning catching up on Glee (recorded while I was on my holiday) (I know – but the music usually cheers me up!)

No walk, just 40 minutes on the elliptical walker and a nap for an hour on the sofa. Plus a stomach that is still adjusting to less and healthier food…

Enough moaning, I’ll keep this short.

Food today:

Breakfast: Overnight oats which, while no holiday Bircher Muesli, were great! 50g oatbran, 100g slow-cooked applesauce and 80g plain cottage cheese with 15g cookies & cream whey protein and 100 ml soya milk. Delicious! (forgive the colour, that’s what happens when you slow cook a bunch of apples with some cinnamon over night then freeze the results…)


Lunch: A baked sweet potato with baked corn on the cob & balsamic tofu and roasted asparagus & broccoli – also delicious!


Followed by… ice-cream! I must admit I’ve been missing the sweet ending to a meal on a cruise… in my defence, I had 2 kinds of ice cream in the freezer, the other one was Ben & Jerry’s with 3 times as many calories!


Dinner: A huge salad (that I only remembered to photograph 5 minutes before I finished eating it) of mixed leaves, roasted new potatoes, red, yellow and green peppers and red onion (cooled to room temp before adding), tomatoes, cucumber and feta cheese. Very tasty (OK, also delicious – I was looking for another adjective) though my mania for salads may just about be wearing off now.


Snacks: Copious amounts of raisins and peanut butter and some sprouted wheat bread with LC and jam. Also another slice of the sprouted bread topped with jam and PB. Why do I crave carbs when I get no sleep???


Weight: 10 st 4lbs (144 lbs)


  1. I think the carb cravings come as our bodies are grasping at every energy source possible! What if we are so tired and need to flee a charging mastedon? Eat some carbs for some quick energy and hie thee someplace safe. I think it's physiology at work.

  2. Hi Chrissie. Sorry you're not sleeping properly. I often wonder how you can function on so little sleep. Apparently lack of sleep increases insulin resistance. I always feel more hungry on way too little sleep.

    Hope you had a better night last night.

    Bearfriend xx