Saturday, 19 June 2010

Another rest day

Didn’t train again today, but I’m planning to do something tomorrow. I’m fed up of resting now, and I’m certainly not in any pain, so its time to get moving – though not yet walking, as I can feel it every time I walk anywhere (my clothes rubbing on the tattoo I mean). I’ve spent a fair bit of the last couple of days walking round the house in my underwear to let it breathe without friction!

I did pop into Chepstow this morning, by car of course. I had to pick up my new glasses from Specsavers and did some shopping as well. As Chepstow Council think its fair to charge the same amount for parking if you’re there 35 minutes or two hours I decided to make the most of the visit and went for a latte as well. I did start out going to the normal coffee shop but it was busy so I went to a new place with quite an interesting menu so you’ll be seeing pictures from my lunch there one of these days!

Apart from that a quiet day of baking (buckwheat rolls) and watching TV. And slightly over-eating again, but nothing too worrying!

Food today:

Breakfast: Steel cut slow cooked oats with peaches, mixed seeds and Fage Original yoghurt. Still too rich and creamy, so I’ll definitely be mixing together the 0% and Original versions now. Also it was quite tart, but once I got used to it that was quite nice.


Lunch: Grilled portobello mushroom and halloumi, both marinated in Nando’s hot sauce. Served with millet black bean corn salad, grilled asparagus and a mixed salad


Dinner: Split pea soup with a quorn frankfurter sliced and stirred in, served with a home-made buckwheat roll spread with LC and red onion. Excellent roll!


Snacks: Houmous with red, yellow and green peppers;


peanut butter; some Tesco pic ‘n’ mix sweets (what????)

Weight today: A very constipated and unjustified 10 st 4.5lbs (144.5 lbs) AARRGGHH but I know I didn’t eat that much yesterday (though I might’ve today…)

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  1. Chrissie, your breakfast combination sounds interesting. Can you give me the recipe/ratios?

    Thanks - hope your "ink" dries soon!