Saturday, 12 June 2010

4th Day at Sea

The last day was rather a dead loss to be honest. We were crossing the Bay of Biscay again (the captain used the stabilisers SOME of the way, and I’d taken more pills, so no seasickness thankfully). I dragged myself out of bed too late to train before breakfast (we always breakfasted at 7am even if we were getting up specifically, because later in the morning the place becomes a zoo and there are no seats to be found.

I trained at 9 instead, and just went on the elliptical walker with my book as I was feeling a bit less than motivated and energetic, though I still broke a very good sweat!

Unfortunately, when I got back to the cabin I realised my bad timing had meant that I’d missed not one but 2 cooking demos I’d planned to attend. probably not a big deal,  except that there was very little of interest going on during the day so I should really have waited till after lunch to train. Instead we would up watching TV in our cabin all afternoon because all the public areas were packed with passengers, all pretty bored to be honest!

We went for a cocktail as usual, then dinner in the main restaurant. After dinner we had to pack our cases and put them outside the cabin door to be picked up by the crew and packed up ready to move them onshore in the morning

Food today:

Breakfast buffet:


Lunch at Bistro on Five:

Black bean soup followed by a Mexicano wrap and a slice of red fruits cheesecake (forgot my camera, sorry!)

Pre-dinner cocktail:

Tanned Russian at the usual bar (forgot to take a snap… I think my brain was decaying by then…  


Starter: Goat cheese and potato gratin



Followed by a Greek salad



Then a braised lamb shank with calvados roasted apple, stuffed with red cabbage and served on a bed of mashed potatoP1060088

And finally apple crumble



And that was my holiday! If anyone would like to see some of the photos that I didn’t post, let me know because there’s too many to inflict on you unsuspecting readers without warning!

I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you about today, but I’m sure you’re all sick of the sight of my blog by now and it isn’t that interesting anyway – not compared to the last 11 days!!!

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  1. Looks like you had a brilliant time, love the look of all the food you had! I really enjoyed reading all your posts, I'd been wondering where you'd disappeared to!

  2. Thanks for the great posts and photos Chrissie, I have enjoyed reading through them :)