Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Where did this energy come from???

Not from sleeping well, that’s for sure – perhaps I’m high on a whole lot of NO SLEEP???

This morning I walked into town for some shopping, dropping some recycling and library books on the way. The shopping was heavier than I planned (yes, I had a list, no, I’m not very good at following said list…) and I was struggling a bit with my energy levels on the way home – I was TIRED. So I got home, snacked, did some not very exciting or demanding stuff, had lunch… and started to feel restless. But still a bit tired.


(can you see the bunny playing it cool as I walked towards him? That didn’t last!!!)

So even though I don’t usually risk any caffeine after lunch I had a can of Pepsi Max (I know all the horror stories about soft drinks, but I’ll quit drinking them when they actually GIVE me ailments or issues, and not until then!!!) for energy, and then went to the gym…

Twenty minutes on the rowing machine and 20 minutes on the elliptical walker!!! I haven’t used the rower for months – as last time I did, I hurt my back / shoulder and it took days to recover. Hmm. Maybe you’ve got more whining and crying to look forward to tomorrow, but right now? I feel great. And more energetic than I did before I went to the gym. Almost like I could pick up a kettle bell. (I said almost…) I have eaten lots of calories today, though still within my allowance.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran topped with a banana and Rachel’s pouring yoghurt (with a hint of strawberry). The yoghurt was a little bit jarring in that combination as I’m out of practice with flavoured yoghurts, especially with the sweetish cereal, but I liked it once I got over the shock, and I like the consistency and fact that it was organic (and discounted when I bought it…)


And a hard boiled egg sandwich


Lunch: Quorn and black bean chilli in a baked sweet potato (I promise there’s a potato under there…) with a corn on the cob and a salad to accompany. I just cook my corn in a pan of simmering water, and don’t bother adding any fat or flavourings except salt and pepper.


Dinner: Corn chowder with an LC and salad sandwich (ooo – loads of corn today!!!)


Followed by a rather yummy sweet treat


There was a time I rejected these jellies, not because of their flavour, which I liked, or their lack of real nutritional value, but because they had about 8 cals per pot and I could make my own sugar free jelly for only 3 cals per portion… so sad!!!

Snacks: When we had the pineapple cake yesterday we all agreed that it was so moist it seemed almost more like a pudding. So I kept a piece to try it with custard today. Didn’t bother heating the cake or the custard, and we were right, they went well together!


A protein smoothie topped with a crumbled ginger cereal bar. My mum gave me these because she and her OH felt the ginger was too strong. After I posted yesterday I had one for supper and agreed with them, it’s almost throat-scorchingly gingery. But it seemed to me it might be salvaged by eating it with a nice cool smoothie in a bowl – and so it was!


Weight today: 9 st 13.4lbs (139.4 lbs)


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  2. I'm no good at following shopping lists either ha ha! Love the bunny pic, he's very cute :-)

  3. Hi Chrissie. Just trying to detangle what your first commenter said ....

    Anyway, cute bunny! It's a shame that cute furry wild animals always run away from us, don't you think? About three weeks ago I went on a walk down a country track and had a wonderful fox and a bunny run away from me. I must remember to have my camera at the ready in future.

    Always worth persisting when it was discounted eh?! I haven't tried that pouring yoghurt yet. It might be better with that type of unsweetened bran sticks (from the health food shop).

    I bought the exact same jelly today. I haven't tried it yet. I used to eat pints of sugar free jelly. Those were the days when things were under control ...

    Glad you allow yourself the extra 5 cals these days!

    Bearfriend xx