Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Well that wasn’t very helpful!

If someone complains about baking withdrawals don’t you know she wants to be encouraged to bake, not have you point out that there may be a link between no baking and weight-loss???? However accurate that suggestion may be. I don’t know, you think you’ve got friends……;-) Only joking, you know I love you really!

I’ve been trying to declutter my bookshelves lately, donating lots of books to various charity shops. I think I’ve pretty much run out of ‘disposable’ books now – and still have loads left. I’m not going too overboard though, the last time I really cut back (to facilitate a house move) I ended up re-buying a full set of second hand Agatha Christies, because some sacrifices just aren’t worth making… anyway, I took the penultimate bag of books into town this morning on my walk, along with some library books I was returning. I couldn’t believe how off balance I felt with my rucksack loaded up with bulky books! I went along the disused railway track, and had to hold onto a wooden fence to get myself up onto the embankment because I kept wanting to tip over backwards! It was fine once I made it up there, but it was a bit of a struggle for a minute there! Walking through the Castle grounds was nice today, there were quite a few happy bouncy dogs around, and as Roxie said yesterday, nothing is so good at making you smile!

Mid-afternoon I tried to feel energetic, and went on the elliptical walker for 40 mins. I did my favourite program – called Glute Burn – which mixes up forward movement and backwards to supposedly target the glutes. Don’t really know why as M has mentioned mine are doing just fine from all the walking ;-)

Food today:

Breakfast: Wonderful!!! I decided to make peach melba cottage cheese griddle cakes – griddle cakes flavoured with vanilla, served with tinned peaches and raspberry coulis. It was delicious. I must admit I like these griddle cakes better than normal pancakes, and they have protein as well, so I should just always make them. I made them with 60% plain white flour, 40% spelt flour and they were very tender. More tomorrow! (The base recipe I adapted suggested reheating in a microwave for a few seconds or on a plate over a pan of simmering water). As I didn’t eat many of them today, I also had some all bran with more peaches to make sure I got the fibre I need!


Lunch: A slow cooker chilli made with quorn mince and a mixture of black and kidney beans. I didn’t have my usual lazy package mix for the spices so I used some chilli powder, coriander, cumin, turmeric, basil & oregano, plus garlic and red wine vinegar. It was very tasty but I was in the mood for slightly more spice so I added a little sriracha hot sauce as well. It was served with brown rice, and a salad with avocado, and one babybel light cheese.


Dinner: Chunky vegetable soup with home-made spelt bread (the one I added pesto to) and LC. I’d like your opinion on which of these pictures you prefer. One of them is ‘as-taken’ using artificial overhead lighting (not flash); the other was taken in natural light and enhanced using Picasa (just read about it on Hollaback Health and wanted to experiment)


Above, artificial light & no touch up


And this one ^ was lightened up by Picasa from this:


Snacks: Protein smoothie, Nak’d Coco Loco bar on the move, and a bowl of Greek yoghurt with honey topped with some We Are Bear Tropical Crunch granola.

P1040794 P1040802

Weight: 10 st 0.1lbs (140.1lbs)

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  1. Hi Chrissie. Ha Ha!

    I salute your decluttering. I have a LOT of that to do before I can move, but I find it soooooo difficult to get rid of stuff.

    Re photos - the middle one has the most detail but I think that's due to slightly different angle and greater contrast. Personally I find the darks too dark on that one. So I prefer the first - but perhaps to increase the clarity it could be sharpened up a little? (though it's fine as is - just comparing to the enhanced one)

    That fig leaf cracks me up every time ...

    Bearfriend xx