Thursday, 6 May 2010

Walking in the rain

I had an appointment at the doctor’s surgery at lunchtime today (a pill check) so I decided to walk into town later than usual and combine shopping with the appointment. It all worked out fine – apart from the bit where the heavens opened at precisely the right time that I couldn’t rush home, change into dry clothes and drive to the surgery in time for my appointment. So instead I walked to the surgery, as always arriving there early (I can’t help it – its pathological ;-) ) and in this instance very wet. Then the nurse was running late so I didn’t get in till 15 minutes after my appointment time. Sigh. And then had to walk home (still in wet clothes – the rain even penetrated my waterproof jacket) before I could have a late lunch. On the plus side, my blood pressure wasn’t bad – 100/60. I’m sure they used to weigh me when I had these pill checks but they didn’t this time or last time – I don’t know if that’s a change of policy, because I’m on a different pill, or what. Can’t say I object as I never liked stepping on scales fully dressed even without at least 8 pints of water soaking through my jeans!

Once all that was done it actually got quite bright here a few times, though the sun never actually made it into view.

Food today:

Breakfast: Cottage cheese griddle cakes with defrosted summer fruit and ‘yoghurt cheese’ – natural low fat yoghurt strained until its even thicker than Greek yoghurt (I like it so thick you could eat it with a knife and fork ;-) ) followed by poached eggs – a deliberately large breakfast as I knew I’d be lunching late

 P1040810 P1040811

Lunch: Quorn cottage pie with roasted carrot, green beans, broccoli & Brussels sprouts. As un-photogenic as always…. but it tasted good and it was just sitting in my freezer!


Dinner: Black bean soup with LC on pesto spelt bread

P1040822 P1040822-2

Snacks: Green monster smoothie with banana, peaches, a slice of lemon and a ton of lightly steamed spinach;


a new ‘bar’ I bought at Whole Foods Market last week,



and a bowl of all bran with Nak’d lemon infused raisins. AND 2 slices of Irish fruit soda bread – I’ve had a hungry day today! P1040821

Weight today: 10 st 1 lb (141 lbs). I think I look a little gaunt in the face below 10st so this is actually a good thing!!!

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  1. Hi Chrissie. Sorry you got a soaking. I learnt early on living in the West Country ALWAYS to carry an umbrella. It rained heavily here too early in the day, but luckily cleared up for me to go and vote in the late afternoon. Much it achieved though as my choice had no chance. But at least I made the effort.

    Bearfriend xx