Sunday, 2 May 2010

Typical Bank Holiday weekend Sunday

Horrible day! And when I tried to replace walking with a stint on the elliptical walker this morning I only lasted about 8 minutes before a banging headache drove me off the machine and into the medicine cabinet! 2 ibuprofen and a hot bath later the headache is gone but so is the urge to train :-(.

Instead, we spent the afternoon finishing off series 1 of Mad Men followed by Dr Who and now sticking with the sci-fi genre for a TV night in ;-) We’re watching Stargate: Universe right now, and I have just one question: Why? Don’t get me wrong, its watchable enough, but compared to Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis, it just isn’t in the same class…

Food today:

Breakfast: Chocolate slow cooked oats (they were cooked in the slow cooker overnight with chocolate oat milk, then mixed with a little more oat milk and some chocolate whey powder) topped with some ‘almond butter’ – ground almonds bought at Whole Foods Market. I love these, and got some pistachio as well, but its really too grainy and firm to qualify as nut butter because there’s nothing – literally nothing – added, no salt, sugar or fat to loosen the texture. It also doesn’t really melt!


Lunch: 2 home-made black bean burgers (topped with a sliced up mini babybel light) with a monster salad


Dinner: Leek & potato soup and a wrap with LC and salad


Snacks: All bran with peaches; a new ‘Superfood’ snack also from Whole Foods – very tasty! Sorry about the rubbish photo, it looked just like a large ball of dark chocolate!


And a protein smoothie


Weight today: 10 st (140lbs) exactly – the lowest weight I’ve seen since just before I got married, I think! Weird… and probably just a strange blip on the scales!!! My calorie consumption doesn’t really justify it, that’s for sure…


  1. Hi Chrissie. Sorry about that nasty headache. At least you managed to get rid of it. And it sounds like you had a fun lazy day on the sofa with M.

    I love choccie porridge! Ground almonds are quite dry. I used to like adding them to cherry yoghurt - a good contrast. GAs also go well in cheese sauces.

    Wow! Great on your weight. So nice to get a pleasant surprise!

    Bearfriend xx

  2. I totally agree about Stargate Universe, I watched the first few episodes then gave up on it! Like you said, just not the same as the other stargate series x

  3. Oooh I must try slow cooked porrige! I haven't used my slow cooker for absolutely ages and never for anything sweet!

  4. The chocolate porridge looks great! Congrats on your low weigh in!