Tuesday, 18 May 2010


At the weekend I decided to have a go at sprouting pulses. Well, beluga lentils to start with. I can’t believe how easy it is! I only started them off with the big soak on Saturday evening, and today I’ve eaten them twice! And very nice they were too… but you’ll see more of that later!


As always I walked into town today. The foal was lying down ignoring me and the Mother barely took any notice of me, so that was good – I didn’t want to feel like I’d have to stop using my new route into town, and if she acted terrified every time I went in the field I would have had to, at least until the foal grew up. It was a nice sunny morning, and the market was on, but I didn’t manage to buy anything exciting!

I actually sat out in the garden this afternoon for a while – and came in because it was too hot! I’m not much of a sun bather, I prefer to get sunburned on long walks, so that’s a departure for me, and a nice relaxing one. I was playing with the neighbours cat a bit, I think she came visiting in the hope that our Bunny friend would be out in the open and decided that I would make a good compensation prize if dinner was off the menu!

I’m baking the Artisan bread I started yesterday right now. It’s a red wine and cheese bread, and I decided to make it to use up some wine I had left over from the family get together on Friday, as I don’t really drink wine. I do have a beer though! I’ll add the picture as soon as it comes out of the oven of course. I made it with reduced fat cheddar cheese – my favourite brand, Cathedral City ‘Mature Yet Mellow’.


What do you think? I think they look great – but I may be being influenced by the fact that they smell incredible.

My brother, S is coming over in a while. We’re heading into Cardiff tomorrow for some walking and shopping!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and sprouted spelt bread with yoghurt cheese and jam on it.


Lunch: Quorn and black bean chilli, served with millet, avocado, yoghurt cheese and a salad topped with lentil sprouts.


Dinner: A slow cooked Curried Butternut squash and apple soup, served with a sandwich of hard boiled egg, Chavroux goat’s cheese, and more lentil sprouts. Great texture with the soft bread, cheese and egg!

P1050018 P1050019 P1050020

Snacks: about 3 fudge sauced-strawberries; a protein smoothie… I tried a new kind of bowl but it didn’t really work so I ate the rest out of my normal bowl, after scraping out as much of the melon as I could manage;


and a bag of We are Bear Apple Crumble granola – still my favourite flavour. Plus multiple spoonfuls of peanut butter, but I’m still within calories! And I resisted buying a scone while I was out (I wanted to try it spread with yoghurt cheese instead of clotted cream / crème fraiche) so points to me there! And a couple of small squares of this chocolate that I couldn’t resist trying… its good, but in all honesty I can’t taste the cardamom at all!


Weight: 10 st (140lbs)


  1. I've never tried sprouting my own. Hmmm. As always, your food looks yummy. And speaking of things I've never tried, cardamom. I've never had cardamom-flavored anything. I shall give it a try.

    Have a great day....

  2. Oh, and I forgot to add - the bread you baked looks wonderful.

  3. I would like to learn how to sprout too. As always, your food looks very yummy.

  4. I've never tried sprouting anything, yours look so yummy I should change that!

  5. Hi Chrissie. I used to eat a lot of sprouts in sandwiches and salad. They were one of my favourite things actually. Lovely and crunchy in a sandwich. But I never tried sprouting my own because I was convinced I would end up with a brown rotting mush!

    I'm amazed it was so easy. When I've read about it previously I was convinced you had to have special equipment and that it was a tricky business. I'm sure that some beans are more difficult to get sprouting than others.

    I can imagine how great that bread smelt!

    Bearfriend xx