Sunday, 30 May 2010


I did not want to do much this morning! I was up ridiculously early as you already know, and spent the morning trying to find the energy to do… well, pretty much anything to be honest! About 10:30 I finally found the strength to go for a walk into Caldicot. The weather wasn’t great to start with, but brightened up nicely. I walked through a Pony Club gymkhana, which was quite interesting but I didn’t think I could take photos of other people’s kids so no action shots for you!

But, look who was back at the castle…

P1050191 P1050192

What a relief, the whole family was there – I think they’d just moved a little way off to avoid the public while their babies were so tiny. The ducks are more relaxed about people…


I spent the afternoon mostly lying on the sofa feeling a little bit silly for inflicting an upset stomach and slight headache on myself! Luckily my stomach felt better when I ate, so I did!

Food today:

Breakfast: A Protein smoothie with a little oat bran stirred in and a teaspoon or two of grapenuts for contrast. The smoothie wasn’t very good – or I had a bad taste in my mouth – but it was all I could face first thing.

Lunch: Vegetable soup and an LC and cherry tomato sandwich


Dinner: Home-made vegetable pizza made with some red wine and cheese bread dough.  I topped the pizza with pesto sauce, feta cheese, par-boiled broccoli and left-over barbecued vegetables. The vegetables and feta were yummy, but I do prefer to use tomato sauce rather than pesto – although maybe if I’d added slices of fresh tomato it might have helped. I served with a big salad, lots of greens plus the last of my sprouted lentils and a few dollops of houmous.

P1050200 P1050202

Snacks: Greek yoghurt with strawberries.


Sprouted wheat bread with cottage cheese and jam. Oh yes, and I may have felt the need for some chocolate while I was in town… Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Caramel ‘buttons’. Quite nice, though I wouldn’t usually bother with them. But they did make me feel better for a while!

ETA: The birthday girl from yesterday’s birthday just brought us a slab of birthday cake – yummy! This is a quarter of the slab – vanilla sponge (really light) sandwiched with cream & jam and slathered with icing! I hate to admit…. I do love icing!!!


Weight: 10 st 1.25lbs (141.25 lbs). Not too bad, but I think that is more down to dehydration from the wine than moderate eating, so tomorrow may be less pleasant!

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  1. Hi Chrissie. Those cygnets are so cute!

    I've seriously got into Fage myself just recently. I needed a change from Muller light - the chemical stuff really gets to me after a while. I'm having it with bananas, berries or just a little top quality vanilla essence stirred in.

    Bearfriend xx