Sunday, 16 May 2010

Rainy horrible Sunday

It been cold, grey, and wet most of the today here today. There was a short dry interlude this morning – which actually lasted long enough for me to walk into town and back – and the rest of the time its been drizzly at best, pouring the rest of the time. A bit like my mood today. I started the day feeling rather snacky, and the walk was mainly to get me away from the kitchen before the granola was buried under a pile of other goodies. Even so I finished off a bag of chocolate chips (not many, the majority was used in making the frosting for the brownies on Friday) and then felt slightly sick as I was walking into town. Why does having one indulgent day make it so hard to get back to normal and feel like eating properly again? Its so frustrating when really the healthier lifestyle is – or should be - the norm, and it pisses me off. Pardon my French. I’m so ready to go to bed and get this day over with.

Although I was slightly cheered up by a greedy visitor to my garden this evening…


Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: A ready meal – chana masala and lemon pilau from Waitrose – that had been sitting in my freezer for a couple of months. It was actually a lot nicer than I thought it would be!


Dinner: Corn chowder with sprouted spelt bread & LC


Snacks: Protein smoothie; ‘We are Bear’ granola; fruit salad (the same one I had yesterday), plus some pineapple


Weight: 10 st 0.5lbs (140.5 lbs)

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  1. Hi Chrissie. Yes, we had bad weather here too on Sunday. There were even hailstones in the rain. It bounced a foot off the pavement it was so heavy. I still managed a walk though (see my post for pics).

    Love that photo of a bunny! Such cuteness!

    I think it's so difficult to get back to healthy eating because your insulin levels are much higher in expectation of rich food. It takes a day or two for it to readjust back. But your eating was certainly healthy today.

    Bearfriend xx