Thursday, 20 May 2010

Quieter day today

I did of course walk into town this morning. I didn’t see any exciting wild life or take any photos sadly! It was really warm and very sunny and I got home with an unpleasantly sweaty feeling under my arms and down my back :-(.

I thought about training this afternoon but my legs felt a little weary and when I checked back I realised that I hadn’t had a rest day for about 2 weeks again so I decided against it. I sat in the sun in the back garden for a little while instead!

Spent the rest of the morning and afternoon doing the sort of annoying little niggly household chores that I always put off as long as possible then have to do all at once!

Food today:

Breakfast: Cottage cheese griddle cakes with raspberry coulis and all bran with peaches. Still love love love these griddle cakes!

 P1050046 P1050047

Lunch: A monster stir fry with every vegetable known to mankind with tofu marinated in a balsamic vinegar marinade. The recipe for the marinade is here, though it is used for chicken on this site. I’ve had it lots of times with chicken but this was the first time with tofu – and it turned out great! The recipe for the marinade has quite a long list of ingredients so I find it a bit annoying to mix up – so I made one batch and used it to marinate 3 chicken breasts and 2 meals-worth of tofu in one go – that made it well worth it, as the flavour is really good and very intense!


Dinner: I made some veggie burgers with my sprouted lentils! In the mix went some breadcrumbs (made by blitzing up a garlic rosemary foccacia loaf), carrot, sweetcorn, Cathedral City low fat cheddar, onion and the lentils with a little egg white to bind it. The mix came out pretty wet again, but I mixed them in the morning and left them in the fridge all day to firm up, then baked them in the oven and served them on a roll with salad. They didn’t remotely stay in one piece, and they were a tiny bit bland (because I forgot to add any seasoning!!!) – but that won’t stop me trying again!

 P1050049 P1050050

Snacks: Protein porridge (topped with a teaspoon of wholenut crunchy peanut butter) and protein smoothie plus a few tiny chocolate squares from the cardamom chocolate bar I bought the other day, some wasabi peas and chilli cashews, and the last 2 strawberries with fudge frosting.

Weight: 10 st 0.25lbs (140.25lbs)


  1. Your veggie burgers look really good. I need to add something like that to my repertoire. You always do the coolest foods!

  2. Hi Chrissie. I had a quiet day too. After going out the last 4 days I was knackered!

    I imagine the sprouts are quite wet so maybe to leave them out to dry out a bit before adding them to the mix?

    Bearfriend xx