Monday, 10 May 2010

Pushing myself

Despite feeling thoroughly unmotivated, this morning (after my 3rd cup of coffee – coincidence? Perhaps not) I decided to finally force myself to do something more energetic in the training line. I know I’ve been saying I will for ages and then just going for another walk where I might (or might not) walk a little further / faster / carry a heavier load, today when I got dressed I dressed for real training in the hope that it would make it easier to force myself into the gym. It worked! I did a 20 minutes HIIT program on the elliptical walker. I’m not going to claim I enjoyed it, but it didn’t really hurt kill me and I got through it, so I was glad about that. A couple of hours later I then decided to give the exercise bike a shot. You’ve all heard me complain before about certain side effects of the bike, but I’ve been inspired lately by reading blogs by people training for Century races and triathlons so I decide to suck it up for just 15 minutes and build from there. 36 minutes later (and 11 virtual miles) I stopped. Glad to have done it! Though with some chafing I’d rather not discuss because I didn’t think I needed my padded shorts for a 15 minute ride…

Then this afternoon I had to go to the post box to drop off a lovefilm rental and completely impulsively I threw in a couple of sprints! Short ones – maybe 100 m in total just – but I really enjoyed that! So when I came in I had a go at skipping, and as usual I’d had enough of that in about 30 seconds. Still, it all got the blood pumping! Obviously I realise that its all cardio with no weights or resistance at all, but baby steps, right? Didn’t go for a walk and I regret that as it was sunny most of the day (clouded over now) but I did sit in the sun in the garden for 15 minutes just to top up my Vitamin D levels. Its weird that I did that much today – I didn’t sleep any better last night – but I think maybe my body is learning to cope with less sleep. Of course if that keeps up in another year I’ll only be sleeping 3 hours a night… Somehow I doubt if I’ll be up to much tomorrow, but when you do real training you’re not supposed to go all out every day, are you? So no worries there! And Mum and her OH are coming over for the day, so I won’t be sitting around feeling frustrated all day if I don’t do anything either!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: Vegetable fried rice with stir fried broccoli and edamame. I know I’ve been stir frying a lot lately, I’ll try to shake things up a bit from now on!


Dinner: Black bean soup (quite pleased this is the last portion as it wasn’t brilliant) with a large salad and a portion of my slow cooked ‘Rotisserie chicken’ from the freezer.

P1040881 P1040883

Snacks: TBH, when I do higher intensity exercise my appetite tends to go up disproportionately (something I often use as an excuse to stick with the walking!) Today was no exception…

Greek yoghurt ‘mess’ with a snack pack of raisins and some muesli (once it was muesli, then someone (who? me?) ate all the dried fruit out of it, so its more like oatmeal now really);


very green protein smoothie topped with ‘We are Bear’ granola;


2 slices of fruit soda bread (all gone now!) and some frozen grapes and peanut butter (not at the same time). On the other hand, I baked a low fat pineapple cake for my Mum (I’ll show it to you tomorrow) and that’s still intact so that’s a point in my favour…

Weight: 10 st 0.1 lbs (140.1 lbs)


  1. Hi Chrissie. Wow! You've certainly been on the go all day and fitted plenty of metabolism boosting activity in. I think it's great to mix up as many different forms of exercise as possible.

    You know Mrs T only ever had 4 hours sleep a night. Hmmmm. If you get to the stage where you're handbagging people you'll know why ...

    Another beautiful looking lunch.

    Familiar scenario with the muesli ;)

    Unusually (for me) I think that green smoothie looks delish with the granola on top.

    Bearfriend xx

  2. Wow! you were on fire today :-) There's no stopping you!