Saturday, 22 May 2010

My first barbecue of the year!

I finally had my rest day, and given how tired I still managed to feel I think it was the most sensible thing I’ve done all weekend!

M suggested barbecuing this evening ‘because we can’t rely on the weather staying good’. Obviously that’s true, but I must admit I don’t think cooking over charcoal in 25 degree weather is necessarily good weather! However, he’s not very interested in food so when he makes a specific request, he usually gets what he fancies – and I’ve now eaten more meat today than I’ve eaten in total over the last 3 weeks! I wonder how I’ll feel about that tomorrow… ;-)

It was a little bit of a stressful cooking experience as M is the designated ‘Lord of Fire’ in this house, and he’d been looking up ways to improve his skills on the internet… almost an hour after I stopped cooking, the thing is still blazing away giving off so much heat it could cremate a small body! I never spent so little time actually cooking a barbecue! Can you feel the heat???


So, I made today a day off the healthy lifestyle. We’ve had the barbecue and there’s some ice-cream softening in the kitchen as I type ;-) (and I’m not planning to weigh in tomorrow!!!)

And I have an episode of Modern Family waiting for me – must dash!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with strawberries and toast with jam

Lunch: Butternut soup and a sandwich of LC, lamb’s lettuce and cucumber


Dinner: Meat feast!!! With corn on the cob, cheese and onion roasted garlic bread, and a very small salad…., were BBQ chicken, pepper and red onion skewers; very charred bison sausage; and a lamb chop marinated in balsamic vinegar and mint. M also had a burger and some pork – there’s no holding him back when meat is on the menu!!!

P1050060 P1050061 P1050063 P1050064

Snacks: Protein porridge and a pack of granola with Yoghurt cheese


And I ate a chocolate bar that I forgot to photograph. Cinnamon flavour mmmmmmmmmm

Weight: 10 st 1 lb (141lbs)

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  1. Hi Chrissie. M is right! You have to make the most of some dry weather. Esp living in the west.

    That barbie really does look white hot!

    It doesn't look like you ate that much so I'm sure you don't need to fear the scale on Sunday.

    I still haven't found anywhere that sells Bear granola, damn it!

    Bearfriend xx