Monday, 17 May 2010

Much better day!

Still fighting the urge to eat lots of sweet stuff mind you – but the battle seems to be easing off a little bit.

This morning’s walk was in glorious sunshine – much much better! Especially with some pretty and adorable views to admire – why are all small baby things so damn cute???



Mummy wasn’t very keen on me walking through her field on the way out – she kept her baby safely out of the way. Coming back she seemed more relaxed, maybe she’s getting used to me? Or perhaps I startled her going out, I made sure to make more noise approaching the field on the return trip.



So nice to see a little flock of 7 cygnets on the pond. Last year there were only 3, and 2 were killed by an out of control dog, so I’m hoping they’ll be safer this year.

After a nice relaxing morning walk I decided to get my heart rate up this afternoon. I pulled on the padded cycle shorts (makes me feel like I’m wearing a nappy!) and climbed onto the exercise bike for 40 sweaty minutes. It was a struggle at times but I was glad I did it afterwards!

I also found time this morning to knock up a quick Artisan bread dough. It’s in the fridge, and will be baked tomorrow – so I’ll tell you (and show you the results) then!

So, I felt like I had a more productive day all round today. I also threw some mince and other bits and pieces into my slow cooker to make a hot chilli for M one of these days.

Food today:

Breakfast: A vegetarian cooked breakfast mostly cooked in the slow cooker over night. Potatoes, onion and peppers tossed with olive oil, seasoning, and paprika, topped with a couple of Quorn Sizzling Bangers. When I was ready to eat I scrambled an egg in the microwave and dry fried some mushrooms to go with it.


Lunch: I ate meat!!! One of the reasons I’m only mostly vegetarian… and won’t be likely to go all the way… a bison burger! Topped with dry fried mushrooms & onions in a low cal toasted roll spread with chilli jam. Served with home-made oven chips and salad.


Dinner: Split pea soup and sprouted spelt bread spread with Chavroux goat’s cheese and slices of tomato.


Snacks: All bran with peaches; protein smoothie; 2 strawberries in fudge frosting and a few frozen grapes.

Weight: 10 st (140 lbs) exactly


  1. Love those pics of the horses, so cute! I would love to try a bison burger, it sounds like it would be delicious with the chilli jam.

  2. Hi Chrissie. Such beautiful horses. I love the mother's colouring. And the cygnets are lovely too. I haven't been down to the river to see the swans in ages - I must go and see if there are any babies.

    Totally delicious looking cooked breakfast!

    No idea how you keep going for 40 mins on a static bike. Do you use music or watch TV at the same time? These are the details I need to know!

    Bearfriend xx