Wednesday, 26 May 2010


… is greatly over-rated! (though ask me tomorrow if I still say so….)

EDIT: First thing this morning I did manage 40 minutes of exercise on the Elliptical Walker because I was going to be out all day and you know how crazy I can sometimes get when I miss my ‘proper’ walk!

Today I spent the day with family, and the only meal that was truly on plan was breakfast!

in the morning I drove over to my Mum’s house, and the 3 of us went to Frome again – you remember my last visit I’m sure! We wandered around the market tasting lots of cheese and buying some, then admired more views of the older part of town,

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before going to the same pub for lunch as last time. This time I’d found the nutritional info for their food online and was all set – or so I though until I discovered how incredibly out of date that info was! None of the food I’d been interested in was on the menu and I had to choose on the fly- I don’t think I did too appallingly! We then went back to their house for more chatting, then I hit the road and went to visit my Dad and his wife as well. I hadn’t intended to eat there, but they persuaded me to go to a local pub with a very good menu with them. I may not have taken much persuasion…

I had two really nice meals out (just pub food, nothing gourmet, but thoroughly enjoyed and in great company) in one day! And now I’m home and relaxing with a beer before bedtime! I love my family…

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with blueberries and strawberries and sprouted wheat bread with cottage cheese and strawberry jam


Lunch: Vegetable dhansak with pilau rice and poppadoms. Yummy! The curry had my favourite curried vegetables – sweet potato and cauliflower – they both soak up the spices so well! This wasn’t very spicy mind you, but definitely flavourful.


Dinner: Wild mushroom lasagne with garlic bread and side salad. Plus more than my share of a side order of chips, and a few pickings from a communal salad… I was sooooo bad! And it was sooo nice!!!

P1050151 P1050152

About 2.5 * this number of chips… and I ate all the garlic bread too!

Snacks: None – except about 3 grapes and a small amount of dried apple

Weight: 10 st 1.25lbs (141.25 lbs)

Weight tomorrow: I dread to think…. and just when I was hoping for a happier weigh in ! Still, some things are more important than the number on a scale. What??? Who said that? Who am I????

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  1. Hi Chrissie. I've only been to Frome once and your photos remind me what a pretty place it is. Full of quaint little lanes and lovely stone buildings.

    At least the calorie excess was eating out rather than bingeing. Much healthier psychologically speaking. And the food does look incredibly delicious!

    Bearfriend xx