Sunday, 30 May 2010

Is it wrong to overeat….

…if you’re trying to mop up excess alcohol???

Sorry I’m late posting Saturday but I was at a neighbour’s birthday party from about 1pm onwards till I fell into bed fully clothed some hours later…

It was a brilliant day, and I really like my neighbours, the food was amazing and there was a LOT of booze on offer. I doubt if much of it is left over today ;-) I’m afraid a have no photos as it was a private party given and attended by people who have no knowledge of this blog, so I’ll just try to summarize…

Food Saturday:

Breakfast: Pre-training sprouted wheat bread with cottage cheese and 3 fruit marmalade (not as good a combination as the jam) and post-training all bran with strawberries


Lunch: Before going to the party I had a bowl of home-made soup with a quorn sausage added, since we weren’t sure what the food situation would be like – a good decision for a lightweight like me, as there was plenty of time for drinking before the food was ready!


Morning snacks: I was planning to not eat much in the morning so of course I was really hungry… while shopping for last minute bits to take to the party I bought a pack of melon wedges and a Wispa bar and ate both. But didn’t actually binge, so that was good given my normal reaction to not having control over my food! (apologies for the rubbish photos – it rained all morning here, and was as dark as night)

P1050184  P1050186

Party: The food was buffet style and very good quality. I wasn’t in the mood to eat meat at lunchtime so I avoided the meat platter but was happy to be pescatorian, so I had some lovely poached salmon covered with smoked salmon and piled with large prawns – very good indeed! I also had 2 kinds of cous cous, a little potato salad, a little pesto pasta salad (also very good!), a little pastry thing, and some actual leafy green salad with peppers. After a while I repeated most of that in a second plate in the aforementioned attempt to soak up alcohol. The plate wasn’t very big, so although I tried lots of different things it wasn’t an enormous amount of food.

Then the desserts arrived and OMG they were amazing. So lots were eaten. A tiny sliver of chocolate torte, a small sliver of citrusy cheesecake, a fairly large slice of strawberry meringue roulade, a couple of spoonsful of fruit salad, a very small amount of rhubarb tart – basically it looked amazing and must-try, so I settled for trying to take as small an amount of each as I could reasonably slice (apart from the roulade – but I have a weakness for meringue and strawberries make it practically a fruit salad, right? I thought so…)

After lots of hours of chatting and laughing, by which time I was trying to stave of the dreaded ‘same day hang-over’ syndrome by alternating wine and sparkling water (and sometimes both together) they also offered a choice of bolognese and chilli. I went for chilli and it was very tasty in a manageable portion so I enjoyed it without going back to the dessert spread for more sweet stuff!

Eventually I had to head for home because the hang-over was setting in and I knew if I drank more alcohol to keep it at bay I’d probably have an embarrassing episode in a neighbour’s back garden. M stayed on  for a little longer as he’s not such a light weight as me, and I don’t remember him coming home so I guess I was sleeping pretty deeply by then!

It was a great day but as you might notice I’m up at the crack of ridiculous as usual – in this case I was dying for the loo after drinking over a litre of water when I got home – so I’m not feeling too spectacular right now, and I’m hoping the Resolve I just took with kick in soon. I’m not remotely hungry but I think I might have to force myself to eat some thing healthy soon as my stomach usually settles down once I do.

I’ll be back later – hopefully a bit more coherent!

Weight yesterday: 10 st exactly (140lbs)

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  1. I'll offer my "sure fire" hangover cure, but I don't think it's available in Wales! It's definitely a Texas thing. My surefire hangover cure is a chocolate Diet Coke from Dairy Queen. Followed by leftover, cold pizza. Followed by two aspirin and a nap!

    Good luck, Chrissie. Hope you feel better soon and I'm glad you had a good time!