Saturday, 15 May 2010

Friday – entertaining and doing my bit

Friday morning got off to a less than stellar start because I wanted to nibble a lot, I think it was my normal feeling that if the diet was going to go to pot later I might as well start now. It wasn’t ridiculously out of control, just that I had planned to eat fairly lightly in preparation for the later indulgences and didn’t manage it right from the start – which, as will become clear in a minute, was actually a good thing.

After breakfast I did a little housework in preparation for my MiL, FiL and BiL to come over mid-afternoon.  We were getting a takeaway and they stayed the night. I may have mentioned before that these dos tend to turn into drink-fests, so even though the point of the takeaway was to stop me from having to cook etc I decided that I would prepare a snack plate each to eat pretty much as soon as they arrived, as they were getting here at about 2pm and I didn’t want several hours of drinking on an empty stomach to ensue (especially as I couldn’t drink because I was going out to collect the takeaway!)

So, after the housework I walked into town for a few last minute bits and pieces.

P1040919 P1040920

I then remembered – literally as I was walking home again – that I’d made an appointment to donate blood at 11:15 that morning. That’s when I realised it was a good thing I’d overeaten compared to plan, as I tend to go white as a sheet, nauseous and shaky if I donate blood without eating enough (speaking from painful experience there!) So I rushed home, had my proper official snack, and then went to the donor session, where they didn’t reject me this time!

After lunch I started building the snack plates, which was lucky because they arrived earlier than expected. Then the day unfolded with plenty of booze (except me and BiL, who doesn’t drink), food, relaxed chat and watching Modern Family (love), How I Met Your Mother (love more) and Big Bang Theory (adore!)

Food Friday:

Breakfast: Sprouted wheat bread from the depths of my freezer, spread with LC and strawberry jam (not planned) plus All Bran with peaches (that was planned)


Lunch: Slow cooker corn chowder with more sprouted wheat bread and LC.


Dinner: Vegetable garlic curry with plain boiled rice – doesn’t look great because takeaways never do, but it was lovely! With a little pita bread for dunking. I didn’t finish the pita, rice or curry sauce but I had a damn good try!


Snacks: Protein smoothie,


mini Green & Blacks butterscotch bar;


Penguin biscuit (post-donation in the Welsh Blood Service van); snack plate (forgot to photograph it, but mine consisted of a couple of pieces of melon (I wrapped everyone else’s melon in parma ham but I’m still being mostly vegetarian), a couple of falafels with a yoghurt-mint dip, a pitta bread with houmous (didn’t finish it all) and a couple of small slices of French stick spread with goat’s cheese. The others didn’t have the houmous and pitta bread but did have a few big prawns with seafood sauce and a few tiny pork meatballs with a little home-made tomato sauce);  too many chocolate brownies and ice-cream!!! (I forgot to mention that I’d decided to bake something nice for dessert. I had a recipe picked out but due to the funk of Thursday I canned that idea and made brownies instead – from a packet mix!!!! I took an idea from The Actor’s Diet blog and replaced oil & egg with pureed black beans, so they’d be healthier. Then I decided that they were a little dry (I didn’t have quite enough black bean puree) so I made a horribly decadent fudge frosting by melting dark chocolate chips with sweetened condensed milk….  so not so healthy, but greatly improved, and they went really well with Ben & Jerry’s Fairly Nutty ice-cream – my new favourite flavour!!!) Note – this doesn’t look like much brownie but that’s because I didn’t photograph the other pieces I ate during the afternoon to console myself for not being able to have a drink yet!

P1040926 P1040927 P1040928

The above ice-cream is wonderful!!!  It’s a base of caramel ice-cream with absolutely gigantic pieces of nut cluster in it – we were all really impressed with it! I think the fibre from the black beans is beginning to make its presence known right now – that’ll teach me to sneak more than my share!!!

Weight: 9st 13.5 lbs (139.5 lbs)


  1. What a gorgeous grey mare! Sounds like you had a good time with your family. I'll have to check out the Ben and Jerry's, for a friend! He loves ice cream with nuts in it. I wonder if we have that flavor in the USA?

    I've seen the Green and Blacks chocolates, but have never tried them. Wonder how it would taste slivered into some ice cream?

    Have a wonderful day, Chrissie. I guess I hadn't picked up that you were primarily vegetarian. I should have been paying closer attention to the pictures!

  2. Hi Chrisssie. Sounds like you had a good day - a bit of indulgence and time with family members.

    A great idea to use pureed beans in the brownies. Keeps things moving!

    Bearfriend xx

  3. Ummm butterscotch!

    I've seen blackbeans mentioned in a good few places....I tried messing around with them once but I was uing protein powder as opposed to any kind of flour so they were a bit dry funnily enough! have you ever tried baking with applesauce? I've made muffins and things before using it and it makes things so nice and moist.

    That fudge frosting looks very decadent indeed!!