Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Cold but lovely day

I got up early this morning to make sure I had time for a walk before Mum & her OH arrived. I now believe that I am obsessed, I can’t really deny it any longer… I headed out at 5:50 and got back about 7:10 am. It was beginning to be a nice sunny day, but bloody cold! It wasn’t the most existing walk ever but I was glad to have the chance to stretch my legs and definitely felt better for getting my muscles moving and my blood pumping a little bit (while still resting slightly from all my higher intensity activity yesterday of course)

Once I got back I got snacky, so after showering and dressing I decided to do a little experimenting with some 100% whole wheat artisan dough from the fridge by making breadsticks – sea salt and rosemary flavoured. They turned out very well!


Mum & her OH arrived and we had a great chat, then headed to Wetherspoons (I know!) for lunch. It was on the cold side in the wind and I had a delivery due in the afternoon so sadly we didn’t spend any time walking around the town after lunch, just came home and gabbed some more. My Mum has some strong feeling about the political travesty we’ve been enduring (that match mine) so we enjoyed a hearty discussion and set the world to rights (btw, Yay! He’s resigned at last!!!)

Food today:

Breakfast: Before my walk, ‘Yoghurt cheese’ with blueberries; after the walk, a bowl of All bran with peaches and raisins.


Lunch: I was planning to go old school and get the 5 bean chilli, but they’ve revamped the menu since I last ate at Wetherspoons so I was unable to resist the Sweet Chilli noodles (vegetarian version) – only 296 calories according to their nutritional info! And got a side of vegetables to accompany it. Should’ve asked what the vegetables were as carrots are my least favourite veggie, I would’ve had salad if I’d realised… Really liked the noodles though!



Dinner: 2 grilled vegetable sandwiches with grilled asparagus side


Snacks: A protein ball; a bag of We are Bear’ granola; a square of low fat pineapple cake baked by me! Of course I excluded the coconut and frosting… it was very moist, maybe not quite sweet enough (I cut the sugar) but very tasty. I’ve saved myself another piece for tomorrow!


Weight: 10 st 0.4lbs (140.4 lbs)


  1. At least tHis is a good addiction though!

  2. Hi Chrissie. I think a good walk is the perfect way to start the day.

    What a great idea to make breadsticks! I bet they're wonderful.

    I haven't been in Wetherspoons since the new menu came in. That delight awaits for my next visit there with the Bear - he always has fish and chips though. The noodles look good - but would be better with a hunk of fish or something to go with them.

    Very nice looking cake!

    Yes hurrah! FINALLY Mandy let him resign.

    Bearfriend xx