Saturday, 15 May 2010

Catching up again…

Thursday’s food in pictures

Breakfast: Overnight oatbran soaked in Rachel’s pouring yoghurt – fantastic – with vanilla whey, raisins and a spoonful of seed butter mixed in


Lunch: Vegetable pizza on a thin wholemeal crust – handmade by me using the Artisan bread in 5 mins a Day 100% wholegrain dough, served with a salad. (should have photographed it before slicing it as well, sorry!)


Dinner: Split pea soup made in the slow cooker, with a Quorn frankfurter added, served with bread & LC. This looked like a tiny portion to me, but was surprisingly satisfying!


Snacks: A Waitrose ginger bar, a Nak’d Berry Cheeky (small) bar; a slice of wholegrain bread with a little cottage cheese and reduced sugar strawberry jam; a Bounce spirulina ball; some chocolate biscuits; some We are Bear granola, a mini Babybel…  that looks even worse than I though, but I actually wasn’t incredibly over calories and I stopped eating shortly after my self-pitying Thursday post.

P1040905 P1040907

P1040916 P1040794


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  1. Hi Chrissie. Love that breakfast idea. I've never used just oatbran and have no idea what that would taste like. I had to give up using oats as I ended up always bingeing on them - heaping them dry into a bowl with dried milk, fresh milk and then something to sweeten. That's why I had to move over to ground rice - no possibility of bingeing on it as it needs to be cooked first. But oatbran sounds fairly inedible in it's dry state so I might be safe!

    That looks like the healthiest pizza I've ever seen!

    Bearfriend xx