Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Cardiff and lots of talking!

I’m not going to pretend I had a good day food-wise today – but I had a great day in Cardiff today with my brother! We reached the town about 9:45 and according to my tradition headed straight to Starbucks for a coffee (and something to eat for me – but who’s counting?) After the caffeine fix we set off into Chinatown because S wanted to visit an Oriental supermarket or two. I managed to spend more than he did – as usual!

My stash:

P1050035 P1050038

Some of this stuff I have no clue how to use but I look forward to working it out!

After lunch (at Wetherspoons – of course!) we went to Howell’s department store; I hope to find several things including PB & Company’s Turn Up the Heat peanut butter but was disappointed – though I did manage to pick up 4 bottles of Moosehead Canadian beer, still my favourite lager in the world.


Next up was the market, where I bought some wasabi peas


and chilli cashew nuts,


and S bought some liquorice; followed by a fantastic but expensive deli where we enthusiastically browsed but didn’t buy anything. I was this close || to buying some honey mustard pretzel nuggets but the bag was well over 500 cals so I decided to resist!

We also went to a health food store where I bought some sprouted wheat bread and a couple of other bits and pieces:


And then Marks & Spencer, where I bought 2 pairs of very cheap jeans and a pair of denim shorts. I think I did very well! We were home by 4pm, then we spent a few hours chatting in the sun, and eventually eating a snacky tea – the lunch we had was very filling!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches & strawberries plus hard boiled egg sandwich


Lunch: Wetherspoons veggie burger & chips. I really like this veggie burger, and want to recreate it myself. its made with puy lentils, and that made me wonder if I could make a decent burger with my sprouted beluga lentil – any thoughts? They’re supposed to be so much more nutritious that way, if I could then that could only be good…

 P1050030 P1050031

Dinner: Split pea soup with red wine & cheese bread (tastes as good as it smelt yesterday!) spread with LC


Snacks: A few wasabi peas, chilli cashew nuts, and some apple & strawberry flavoured liquorice; 2 slices of Starbucks fruit bread very thinly spread with strawberry preserves and no butter


Weight: 9st 13.4lbs (139.4lbs)

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  1. There's some really lovely looking food in this post! Yum!

  2. Yummy food! I really like the crunchy peanut butter Clif bars.

  3. Hi Chrissie. Wow! That was a long day of shopping. You've got stamina alright!

    I would think the sprouts would work very well in a burger, whizzed up a bit in the blender, maybe a slightly higher proportion of binding ingredient(s). A fresher taste.

    Red wine and cheese bread - the most decadent bread I've ever heard of! Next you'll be putting champers in there!

    Bearfriend xx