Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Burn out?

I’m feeling a bit burned out on all the healthy eating etc. Its not driving me towards a binge – not so far anyway – but it just isn’t as interesting to me as it usually is, and I guess that could be a good thing since I know I have some obsessive tendencies! In the past I’ve always – since starting to work towards weightloss – been willing, even happy, to plan my meals and snacks a week at a time, and though those plans sometimes changed, I generally stuck to them quite well. now I feel like its more of an effort and after building up meal plans for a few days I just stop and wander off to do something else for a bit. But that’s  not translating into a boredom with eating (as if!) or even cooking, its more that I’m in the mood to take a more relaxed, less regimented approach. Which I may regret if it results in a reversal of the scales’ recent delightful behaviour! And given that the recipes I’ve been most intrigued by lately have had tended to have words like ‘Fudge’ or ‘cheesecake’ in the title, I think that might be a possibility. This is not a sneaky way to lead up to a photo of a big plate of sticky toffee pudding! I haven’t actually baked ANYTHING lately – not even bread or muffins for M (Maybe that’s why I feel this way?  Withdrawal symptoms?) Anyway, this is a slight warning that if I don’t manage to rein myself in there’s a possibility that the ‘Healthy Body’ part of the title of this blog could be taking a bashing – unless I finally manage to motivate myself into some hardcore real training!

Anyway, all I’ve done today is take a walk, make some soup, and take a bath. The bath was to stop me from eating frozen Irish fruit soda bread, but it wasn’t that compelling an urge to begin with. The walk was a pleasure because of the lovely sunshine, but a bit uncomfortable because of the biting cold wind we still have blowing our way (apologies for the moan if you’re fighting through floods or hiding from typhoons at the moment – I do know I don’t have that much cause for complaining!)

By the way, discovered another good US show to watch yesterday – anyone seen Castle (on Alibi in the UK if you have Sky?) I’ve been in love with Nathan Fillion since the sadly missed, cruelly murdered, absolutely brilliant Firefly, and I think he’s great in this too!

P1040787 P1040788

Food today:

Breakfast: Round 2 of the 100% WW blueberry pancakes from yesterday – this time with stewed apple and a little mixed seed butter. The apple was good with the pancakes, but the seed butter was less successful – and the pancakes were a little tougher after being reheated. Does anyone have any idea how long pancake batter will keep in the fridge? I’d much rather mix up a batch and just cook it as I want to eat it, but most recipes seem to make far too much batter for one breakfast for one person who can’t eat like she used to… If its not very long, is there a good way to reheat pancakes that I don’t know about?


Lunch: Cowboy beans with brown rice and a salad including feta cheese, with grilled asparagus


Dinner: Roasted red pepper soup (last portion :-( ) with a grilled Red Leicester and red onion sandwich – so simple yet somehow so delicious! (Especially when dunked in the soup!)


Snacks: Porridge oats soaked in soya milk with blueberries and vanilla whey – a lot tastier than it looks!


A Nak’d bar,


And a bowl of air-popped popcorn topped with garlic pepper


Weight today: 9st 13.5lbs (139.5lbs)


  1. My Dad will keep pancake batter in the fridge for a day... you just have to pep it back up with some milk or water after a while.

  2. Hi Chrissie. Congrats on getting into the 9-stone- something zone! Even if it is almost unintentional. Perhaps the lack of baking has contributed to this?

    Whenever I've made pancakes I always have plenty left over and it keeps fine in the fridge. Obviously it separates out a bit, but a quick whisk with a fork and it's fine.

    Another wonderful healthy eating day!

    Bearfriend xx

  3. If you made small pancakes you could freeze them, then defrost them and pop them in the toaster? Maybe putting them wet into the toaster would cause some er...issues but you could use a toastabag? I've definitely seen mention of people reheating pancakes anyway. I'd just scoff them all mind :(

    Birdie is so cute!

    Have watched a few eps of Castle but it hasn't really piqued my interest....I have a few more episodes on the computer and I may watch them but if I have to DRRAAAAAG myself to watch something it's usually not good. I'm sure Nathan Fillion fans must be on Cloud 9 for him to have a new series though!

  4. Congrats on the weight loss - I think it probably is directly attributable to the decline in baking. Goodness, I admire your ability to bake and not binge. Baked goods are definitely one of my 'no-nos'.