Thursday, 27 May 2010

Active, even busy day

Elliptical trainer workout at 6 am again – hopefully I’m getting back into the habit of morning training, and once I feel I am back in the habit I’ll start switching it up a bit – at the moment the ET is the only thing I can face at that time! I must admit I didn’t want to face that – I was really close to talking myself out of it, but at the last minute I just decided to go for it! I always used to train first thing in the morning and felt better all day – virtuous, more energetic and more productive – but lately I’ve either been just walking or fitting in the training sesh any time I day I happen to think of it, and the lack of structure doesn’t suit me as well. Hopefully that will change now, if I can keep it up a bit longer.

I also walked into town for a few odds and ends, so I had quite an active morning!


I’m a bit worried because the swans I posted photos of on here have vanished from the pond in Caldicot – with their entire flocks of cygnets. I hope nothing’s happened to them – the babies are still too young to have gone far I would’ve thought.

This afternoon was less fun – housework all the way! Dusting,  vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms – yuck, yuck, and yuck!!! But productive I will admit, and that’s no bad thing.

Food today:

Breakfast: An apple to wake my body up for training and then, post-training, The Best Steel Cut Oats cooked in a slow cooker ever! They are often a little dry once they’ve cooked overnight AND I’ve added whey protein, so last night I finally remembered to add extra liquid (water for no extra calories) I also added 80g of frozen raspberries and a teaspoon of flax seeds. I hoped the raspberries would dissolve into the oats, and they did, giving me beautiful pink oats with the exact right amount of sweetness from the combo of raspberries + cookies & cream flavoured whey. Delicious – I just wish I’d had more!


Lunch: A massive stir fry with shirataki noodles and ‘General Tso’s’ tofu – based on this recipe but substituting tofu for chicken & adding a tiny bit of broccoli. I’ve never had real General Tso’s chicken – I know it involves deep frying – but this recipe is great, and I don’t see how deep frying could possibly improve on it! As I was feeling piggy I followed it with a small pot of Greek Yoghurt with honey, blueberries AND We Are Bear granola – I’m stuffed now, but it was also delicious!



Dinner: Quinoa salad with mixed salad leaves


Snacks: All bran with blueberries and half a frozen banana dipped in wholenut peanut butter. And some sprouted wheat bread with goat’s cheese and strawberry jam!


Weight: 10 st 2lbs (142 lbs) – not bad after yesterday!

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  1. Hi Chrissie. Pink porridge - delightful!

    Wow - a mountain of stir fry! I often do that for my main evening meal as it stops me snacking afterwards. I couldn't eat it for lunch though - I can't move for ages after a meal like that!

    I did a major amount of cleaning today as well - but it was mainly the hidden away dirt down the sides of things and underneath etc. Don't know what got into me!

    Bearfriend xx