Monday, 31 May 2010

Sunny Bank Holiday Monday???

Before I start, I’ve decided the time has come for a brief hiatus. I’ve got a busy couple of weeks coming up, so I’ll not have time to blog or read blogs. I’m not abandoning you, I’ll be back as soon as things calm down!

Struggling not to eat lots today again. I managed a walk into town this morning, but it was kind of chilly and windy so not a lot of fun. I had lots to do this afternoon so that took my mind off food for a while, but distraction isn’t always enough!

Food today:

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs on toast

Lunch: Vegetable soup with lots of chunky extra vegetables added to use them up as they were getting a bit past it – and also to bulk things up so I would be less likely to attack the rest of the birthday cake we were given yesterday. I had a sandwich of grilled halloumi (marinated in reggae reggae sauce) with grilled mushrooms.

P1050219 P1050220

Dinner: A big salad with a coleslaw-filled baked sweet potato and feta cheese


Snacks: Overnight oat bran with cookies & cream whey, soya milk and home-made applesauce; cashew cookie Nak’d bar; cottage cheese with jam and a couple of strawberries


Weight: 10 st 0.5lbs (140.5lbs)

Sunday, 30 May 2010


I did not want to do much this morning! I was up ridiculously early as you already know, and spent the morning trying to find the energy to do… well, pretty much anything to be honest! About 10:30 I finally found the strength to go for a walk into Caldicot. The weather wasn’t great to start with, but brightened up nicely. I walked through a Pony Club gymkhana, which was quite interesting but I didn’t think I could take photos of other people’s kids so no action shots for you!

But, look who was back at the castle…

P1050191 P1050192

What a relief, the whole family was there – I think they’d just moved a little way off to avoid the public while their babies were so tiny. The ducks are more relaxed about people…


I spent the afternoon mostly lying on the sofa feeling a little bit silly for inflicting an upset stomach and slight headache on myself! Luckily my stomach felt better when I ate, so I did!

Food today:

Breakfast: A Protein smoothie with a little oat bran stirred in and a teaspoon or two of grapenuts for contrast. The smoothie wasn’t very good – or I had a bad taste in my mouth – but it was all I could face first thing.

Lunch: Vegetable soup and an LC and cherry tomato sandwich


Dinner: Home-made vegetable pizza made with some red wine and cheese bread dough.  I topped the pizza with pesto sauce, feta cheese, par-boiled broccoli and left-over barbecued vegetables. The vegetables and feta were yummy, but I do prefer to use tomato sauce rather than pesto – although maybe if I’d added slices of fresh tomato it might have helped. I served with a big salad, lots of greens plus the last of my sprouted lentils and a few dollops of houmous.

P1050200 P1050202

Snacks: Greek yoghurt with strawberries.


Sprouted wheat bread with cottage cheese and jam. Oh yes, and I may have felt the need for some chocolate while I was in town… Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Caramel ‘buttons’. Quite nice, though I wouldn’t usually bother with them. But they did make me feel better for a while!

ETA: The birthday girl from yesterday’s birthday just brought us a slab of birthday cake – yummy! This is a quarter of the slab – vanilla sponge (really light) sandwiched with cream & jam and slathered with icing! I hate to admit…. I do love icing!!!


Weight: 10 st 1.25lbs (141.25 lbs). Not too bad, but I think that is more down to dehydration from the wine than moderate eating, so tomorrow may be less pleasant!

Is it wrong to overeat….

…if you’re trying to mop up excess alcohol???

Sorry I’m late posting Saturday but I was at a neighbour’s birthday party from about 1pm onwards till I fell into bed fully clothed some hours later…

It was a brilliant day, and I really like my neighbours, the food was amazing and there was a LOT of booze on offer. I doubt if much of it is left over today ;-) I’m afraid a have no photos as it was a private party given and attended by people who have no knowledge of this blog, so I’ll just try to summarize…

Food Saturday:

Breakfast: Pre-training sprouted wheat bread with cottage cheese and 3 fruit marmalade (not as good a combination as the jam) and post-training all bran with strawberries


Lunch: Before going to the party I had a bowl of home-made soup with a quorn sausage added, since we weren’t sure what the food situation would be like – a good decision for a lightweight like me, as there was plenty of time for drinking before the food was ready!


Morning snacks: I was planning to not eat much in the morning so of course I was really hungry… while shopping for last minute bits to take to the party I bought a pack of melon wedges and a Wispa bar and ate both. But didn’t actually binge, so that was good given my normal reaction to not having control over my food! (apologies for the rubbish photos – it rained all morning here, and was as dark as night)

P1050184  P1050186

Party: The food was buffet style and very good quality. I wasn’t in the mood to eat meat at lunchtime so I avoided the meat platter but was happy to be pescatorian, so I had some lovely poached salmon covered with smoked salmon and piled with large prawns – very good indeed! I also had 2 kinds of cous cous, a little potato salad, a little pesto pasta salad (also very good!), a little pastry thing, and some actual leafy green salad with peppers. After a while I repeated most of that in a second plate in the aforementioned attempt to soak up alcohol. The plate wasn’t very big, so although I tried lots of different things it wasn’t an enormous amount of food.

Then the desserts arrived and OMG they were amazing. So lots were eaten. A tiny sliver of chocolate torte, a small sliver of citrusy cheesecake, a fairly large slice of strawberry meringue roulade, a couple of spoonsful of fruit salad, a very small amount of rhubarb tart – basically it looked amazing and must-try, so I settled for trying to take as small an amount of each as I could reasonably slice (apart from the roulade – but I have a weakness for meringue and strawberries make it practically a fruit salad, right? I thought so…)

After lots of hours of chatting and laughing, by which time I was trying to stave of the dreaded ‘same day hang-over’ syndrome by alternating wine and sparkling water (and sometimes both together) they also offered a choice of bolognese and chilli. I went for chilli and it was very tasty in a manageable portion so I enjoyed it without going back to the dessert spread for more sweet stuff!

Eventually I had to head for home because the hang-over was setting in and I knew if I drank more alcohol to keep it at bay I’d probably have an embarrassing episode in a neighbour’s back garden. M stayed on  for a little longer as he’s not such a light weight as me, and I don’t remember him coming home so I guess I was sleeping pretty deeply by then!

It was a great day but as you might notice I’m up at the crack of ridiculous as usual – in this case I was dying for the loo after drinking over a litre of water when I got home – so I’m not feeling too spectacular right now, and I’m hoping the Resolve I just took with kick in soon. I’m not remotely hungry but I think I might have to force myself to eat some thing healthy soon as my stomach usually settles down once I do.

I’ll be back later – hopefully a bit more coherent!

Weight yesterday: 10 st exactly (140lbs)

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Friday, 28 May 2010

Veggie barbecue day!

After talking about my intention to build a new ‘training in the morning’ habit yesterday, I quite literally forgot all about it this morning – until after I’d had my whole breakfast and was far too stuffed to use the gym. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, but if I’d remembered I would’ve done my best to train anyway since it seems to energise my sleepy body when I do. Ah well…

Another bright and beautiful day here today – but cooler, thank god! I walked into town this morning with a gentle breeze and blue skies for company.  And an energetic, nervous squirrel (is there any other kind???)


Much more pleasant than it has been lately, I didn’t arrive home feeling sweaty and disgusting!

I had decided to have another attempt at barbecuing again today. I persuaded M not to use quite so much charcoal this time, and though there was plenty of heat being given off I managed to create a meal that may have had the odd ‘char-grilled’ spot, but avoided the blackened effect of last week. I feel vindicated – I am not used to burning anything I cook!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with blueberries and sprouted wheat bread with LC and jam


Lunch: Curried butternut and apple soup with bread & LC


Dinner: BBQ!!! I decided to keep on making the most of the weather with another BBQ – but this time I had no meat at all – and it was delicious as well as feeling altogether more healthy! I had a quorn beef and sweet onion-style burger (in a wholemeal English muffin), a Quorn Sizzling banger, an ear of corn, a skewer of halloumi & red onion (halloumi marinated in Nando’s extra hot peri peri sauce), a portobello mushroom (also marinated in Nando’s) and a variety of plain grilled veggies. It was huge, and I couldn’t eat it all! Which is fine – lovely leftovers! Though next time I’ll cut the bread down / out!


Snacks: Protein smoothie, bag of We Are Bear granola, popcorn and edamame


Weight today: 10 st 0.5lbs (140.5 lbs)

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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Active, even busy day

Elliptical trainer workout at 6 am again – hopefully I’m getting back into the habit of morning training, and once I feel I am back in the habit I’ll start switching it up a bit – at the moment the ET is the only thing I can face at that time! I must admit I didn’t want to face that – I was really close to talking myself out of it, but at the last minute I just decided to go for it! I always used to train first thing in the morning and felt better all day – virtuous, more energetic and more productive – but lately I’ve either been just walking or fitting in the training sesh any time I day I happen to think of it, and the lack of structure doesn’t suit me as well. Hopefully that will change now, if I can keep it up a bit longer.

I also walked into town for a few odds and ends, so I had quite an active morning!


I’m a bit worried because the swans I posted photos of on here have vanished from the pond in Caldicot – with their entire flocks of cygnets. I hope nothing’s happened to them – the babies are still too young to have gone far I would’ve thought.

This afternoon was less fun – housework all the way! Dusting,  vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms – yuck, yuck, and yuck!!! But productive I will admit, and that’s no bad thing.

Food today:

Breakfast: An apple to wake my body up for training and then, post-training, The Best Steel Cut Oats cooked in a slow cooker ever! They are often a little dry once they’ve cooked overnight AND I’ve added whey protein, so last night I finally remembered to add extra liquid (water for no extra calories) I also added 80g of frozen raspberries and a teaspoon of flax seeds. I hoped the raspberries would dissolve into the oats, and they did, giving me beautiful pink oats with the exact right amount of sweetness from the combo of raspberries + cookies & cream flavoured whey. Delicious – I just wish I’d had more!


Lunch: A massive stir fry with shirataki noodles and ‘General Tso’s’ tofu – based on this recipe but substituting tofu for chicken & adding a tiny bit of broccoli. I’ve never had real General Tso’s chicken – I know it involves deep frying – but this recipe is great, and I don’t see how deep frying could possibly improve on it! As I was feeling piggy I followed it with a small pot of Greek Yoghurt with honey, blueberries AND We Are Bear granola – I’m stuffed now, but it was also delicious!



Dinner: Quinoa salad with mixed salad leaves


Snacks: All bran with blueberries and half a frozen banana dipped in wholenut peanut butter. And some sprouted wheat bread with goat’s cheese and strawberry jam!


Weight: 10 st 2lbs (142 lbs) – not bad after yesterday!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


… is greatly over-rated! (though ask me tomorrow if I still say so….)

EDIT: First thing this morning I did manage 40 minutes of exercise on the Elliptical Walker because I was going to be out all day and you know how crazy I can sometimes get when I miss my ‘proper’ walk!

Today I spent the day with family, and the only meal that was truly on plan was breakfast!

in the morning I drove over to my Mum’s house, and the 3 of us went to Frome again – you remember my last visit I’m sure! We wandered around the market tasting lots of cheese and buying some, then admired more views of the older part of town,

 P1050120 P1050123 P1050126 P1050128 P1050139 P1050142 P1050145 P1050146 P1050147

before going to the same pub for lunch as last time. This time I’d found the nutritional info for their food online and was all set – or so I though until I discovered how incredibly out of date that info was! None of the food I’d been interested in was on the menu and I had to choose on the fly- I don’t think I did too appallingly! We then went back to their house for more chatting, then I hit the road and went to visit my Dad and his wife as well. I hadn’t intended to eat there, but they persuaded me to go to a local pub with a very good menu with them. I may not have taken much persuasion…

I had two really nice meals out (just pub food, nothing gourmet, but thoroughly enjoyed and in great company) in one day! And now I’m home and relaxing with a beer before bedtime! I love my family…

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with blueberries and strawberries and sprouted wheat bread with cottage cheese and strawberry jam


Lunch: Vegetable dhansak with pilau rice and poppadoms. Yummy! The curry had my favourite curried vegetables – sweet potato and cauliflower – they both soak up the spices so well! This wasn’t very spicy mind you, but definitely flavourful.


Dinner: Wild mushroom lasagne with garlic bread and side salad. Plus more than my share of a side order of chips, and a few pickings from a communal salad… I was sooooo bad! And it was sooo nice!!!

P1050151 P1050152

About 2.5 * this number of chips… and I ate all the garlic bread too!

Snacks: None – except about 3 grapes and a small amount of dried apple

Weight: 10 st 1.25lbs (141.25 lbs)

Weight tomorrow: I dread to think…. and just when I was hoping for a happier weigh in ! Still, some things are more important than the number on a scale. What??? Who said that? Who am I????

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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Weirdly annoying day

I think I want to binge. Except I don’t want the actual binge, just the general feeling of disconnection and focus that comes while having a binge. I said earlier I wanted chocolate, but that’s not the whole picture. I’ve had to stop reading foodie blogs for the day because although I wanted chocolate while staring at a photo of a cupcake, I wanted pasta while reading about that, French bread with olive oil and pesto, and pizza while reading another post… about the only thing I don’t want is the salad that is actually planned for my dinner.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me today. I had a nice, not too warm walk this morning;


got my hair cut and wasn’t too horrified by the results (even when only getting a trim, it usually takes me 3 days to decide my hair actually wasn’t butchered) and did some shopping. So far, so good, except that the rucksack coming home was a little heavy for shoulders that were feeling yesterday’s 30 day shred a bit.

I watched an oldish movie when I got back (The Untouchables – I can’t believe Kevin Costner ever looked that young!) and quite enjoyed it. I didn’t love my lunch, but I liked it well enough. So what has made me crave an unhealthy behaviour that I worked at getting out of my life? I really don’t know. I guess I’m just weird today. All I know is that my calories are higher than I want them to be and I’m not expecting to like tomorrow’s weigh in. And I’m probably not finished with eating stuff I didn’t plan on when I got up this morning.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with strawberries and toast with cottage cheese and jam


Lunch: Quorn black bean chilli with extra Sriracha sauce,  wheat-berries (spelt) and salad


Dinner: Salad with smoked tofu and peppers a sandwich of grilled veggies (marinated in Nando’s Extra hot peri peri sauce) and caramelised onion houmous – with a little more houmous as a salad dressing. Definitely could have been a worse choice given my mood! And I did compromise a little bit – my first thought was to defrost a hunk of French bread to make the sandwich with (and that probably would’ve been better – maybe another time, when I haven’t been feeling so weird all day long) but I settled for a couple of small pieces of low calorie bread. I used to make a meal out of a sandwich (usually a grilled ham & cheese sandwich) and a salad when I was a student and I’d forgotten how satisfying it could be! I must remember that for the future!


Snacks: Way too much peanut butter. A bag of We Are Bear Granola courtesy of Waitrose. (eaten when the chocolate craving was at its height – it’s not chocolate, but it is sweet!)  A portion of ‘Not-Really Overnight’ overnight protein oats – oats, plus half a sliced frozen banana, plus cookies & cream whey powder and soya milk, all topped off with dried apple.


Plus quite a bit more dried apple. And a hard boiled egg on toast


The urge for chocolate seems to have passed now (thanks for the suggestion of a chocolate protein smoothie though Bearfriend, I will try to think of that the next time my cravings cycle back there (probably in about an hour))

Weight: 10 st 2 lbs (142 lbs)

I want chocolate

Lots of it.



Monday, 24 May 2010

Bloody hell it’s hot

So I haven’t been for a walk today – except to the Post office, which was just far enough to enjoy a little sun and not far enough to start sweating! I did however get some sweating done indoors, with a 40 minutes Elliptical program and a 20 min session with Jillian – I brought out the 30 day shred again! As I haven’t been beavering away at it since I last mentioned it I did Workout 1 again. I cheated slightly on one exercise – because my left ankle was a bit uncomfortable – but otherwise finished it despite being a big slacker. Then I lay down on the floor to watch workout 2 because I haven’t tried it yet, and actually nodded off a few times! Most of what I was awake for I think I could give a go, but the walking push ups looked a little scary. I was feeling too knackered to try any of it today though.

I did have to do some housework today. I hate it even more when its boiling hot, so I was thinking longingly of the air con in my condo in Dallas while I vacuumed! I also put 2 loads of laundry out on the line in the garden. I do love being able to put clothes outside to dry – they smell so clean and fresh, it’s the smell of summer to me (that and newly mowed grass, so long as someone else mowed it!)

As I didn’t go for a walk I spent a little while going round the garden photographing some of my blooming plants…


 P1050087 P1050088 P1050089 P1050090 P1050098 P1050099 P1050101 P1050103  P1050105

Nice to see some colour!

Food today:

Breakfast: Cottage cheese griddle cakes with buried under lots of summer fruit


Lunch: A massive fried rice with my lentil sprouts and smoked tofu with almonds and sesame seeds – thanks for the tip, Laura, the tofu was really nice!  I’m looking forward to the other half of the block!


Followed by a bowl of cottage cheese with reduced sugar strawberry jam (and I broke the bowl loading the dishwasher :-( )


Dinner: A soup combining yesterday’s left over chunky soup with my butternut apple soup. Not perhaps the best pairing ever, but it was certainly different! Also a huge salad with feta cheese and steamed frozen soya beans, all drizzled lightly with raspberry balsamic vinegar – no oil.


Snacks: Protein smoothie and all bran with strawberries. Also some peanut butter and a couple of frozen grapes. I have to be honest – I didn’t sleep well, I did train hard, and I am a little depressed that the excess weight from Saturday isn’t moving on and out as fast as I’d like – so I have been looking for extra food to eat all day long – which is the other reason I didn’t go out today, I didn’t trust myself near the goodies in Waitrose. I haven’t fallen very hard so far, but I may need an early night to keep it at bay.

Weight: 10 st 2.4lbs (142.4 lbs)