Thursday, 1 April 2010

Wednesday visitors

Hi guys, sorry I’m late! My Mum & her OH came over yesterday and stayed the night, so I didn’t like to sit here posting away while they tried to chat to me!

As I never get any exercise while they’re here I went for a walk first thing, getting back about an hour before they arrived, in order to avoid the normal pre-visit munchies (which worked btw). I deliberately didn’t go to any shops for the same reason, so I just piled on the rucksack and walked off down the road for half an hour, then turned around. It was a pretty boring, very cold walk, but I was glad to get outside and get the blood pumping a bit, even if I did lose the ability to feel my extremities very soon after leaving.

It was a really good day! The forecast was appalling – loads of rain, sleet, and maybe even snow, so initially I was planning to cook for them so we didn’t have to go out. In the end a lot of the day was dry, although mid-afternoon we had a couple of hail showers and some fairly hard rain, so we went into Chepstow & went to Wetherspoons for lunch. We might have spent a little time wandering around town while we were out, but there was a bitterly cold wind so we just came on home! Then it was a nice quiet afternoon with lots of chatting, lots of cups of tea, and lots of relaxation…

I utterly fail as a food blogger for the whole visit. I forgot my camera when we went out for lunch, and though I snapped a photo on my mobile I can’t seem to find my USB cord so I can’t get it onto my PC. (I’ve ordered a new one so if that comes fairly soon I might edit the photo into this post at a later date) I forgot to even photograph the rest of my food, probably because I made up my dinner and didn’t eat it straight away, thereby breaking my usual ‘prepare, photo, eat’ routine!

Anyway, here’s the food:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and toast with jam

Lunch: Welsh Dragon sausages with mash. This was a considerably more calorific lunch than I’d usually have at Wetherspoons, but I wasn’t in the mood for my usual 600 cal 5 bean chilli. It was over 800 calories, but I couldn’t finish it. It consisted of 3 large sausages – Welsh Dragon sausages are usually spicy, pork with chilli, but these, though very tasty, had no spiciness at all, to the degree that I wondered if they had run out of the Welsh Dragon and made an undisclosed substitution. I would have preferred just 2 sausages, but somehow managed to eat them all! The mash was cheesy and quite rich, and I left maybe a quarter of it. It also came with peas, which were just OK. This won’t be replacing my usual Wetherspoons staple food, but it was a nice change.

Dinner: Sandwich made with Nimble spread with Welsh goat’s cheese and filled with grilled red & orange pepper, red onion and asparagus. Very tasty but quite difficult to eat because of the fibrous-nous of the asparagus.

Snacks: In the morning I had a pre-walk cashew cookie Nak’d bar and a post-walk protein smoothie. Afternoon snack was much naughtier – I had defrosted my big Bara brith to give to Mum, and we all had some of that (still wonderful btw) and she had brought me a wedge of home-made date & walnut cake so I had a couple of slivers of that – also delicious! So quite an indulgent, carborific day, but no bingeing and to be honest - no guilt!

Weight: 10 st 2.4 lbs.


  1. Well a day without guilt is a thing to treasure! Bet it was nice to have the company to break up your routine a bit as well :-) Routine can be good AND bad.

  2. I always forget to take pictures/bring my camera/take pictures of half eaten food cause I remember half way through!

  3. What a wonderful day you had, Chrissie. Great company, great food and no guilt. I'd take it.