Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Visitors today

Mum & her OH came over for the day today. It was beautifully sunny so he went for a walk and basically disappeared for hours – if we were related it might explain my obsession with walking! Even though he had a knee replacement op last year he loves to walk and hates to be stuck indoors (unless he has an old Western to watch) so this lovely weather at the moment is perfect for him!

I also took a walk before they arrived. Tuesday is market day in Caldicot and I’ve run out of batch soups so I wanted to buy some vegetables so I can make some more. I was also out of skim milk – I only use soya myself, but cant really given that to Mum & A for their cups of tea! Its also nice to stretch my legs before they arrive because we don’t tend to do much active stuff while they’re here. Mum has arthritis in her hip and isn’t quite as mobile as she’d like to be, unfortunately.

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Food today:

Breakfast: Toast with LC and 3 fruit marmalade and all bran with peaches


Lunch: Home-made Yellow Thai curry with prawns served on brown rice and a quick stir fry of bean sprouts and onions in fish sauce (rubbish so I only ate a bit of it). The curry was lovely though! I use a really good commercial paste that I don’t think I can get anymore… so sad :-(



Dinner: Toasted ham and cheese (low fat Cathedral City)sandwiches followed by a mocked up bread and butter pudding that was much nicer than it looks! I took the last 3 pieces of my Bara brith, laid them in a small dish, covered them with half a tin of Ambrosia low fat custard that had been sitting around since I don’t know when; let it soak for a few hours and then baked it in the oven. It didn’t soak in enough to make a proper bread and butter pudding, but it was delicious and I still have half a tin of custard and a loaf of fruit soda bread – so guess what I’m trying again tomorrow…

 P1040198 P1040199

Snacks: Oat So Simple apple & blueberry porridge with whey and soy milk. And several (too many) Fudge babies – I finally cracked and made them – and loved them! As did Mum and her OH!


Weight today: 10 st 1.5lbs. I must enjoy it while it lasts, because tomorrow….

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  1. Hi Chrissie. I often used to do a low cal version of bread pudding. I used milk and 1 egg whisked up with some black molases poured over layered bread and scattered sultanas. Your's sounds pretty good though!

    Those fudge babies would be gone too quickly for me! Although dried fruit is a good substitution for refined sugar, nuts in any form are deadly on the weight front (for me). 600 cals (and much of that in fat cals) are gone before I know it.

    However, Amy at The not so secret life of a not so together mom, swears by a similar recipe as a relief for her PMS chocolate craving.

    Personally I think the only relief for chocolate craving is, err, chocolate.

    Bearfriend xx