Friday, 30 April 2010

Thursday – canals and shopping!

I decided to take things a bit easy on Thursday as my sunburn woke me up at 3:45 am and I was kind of tired! I did plan to go to Paddington and walk along the Regents Canal to the London Canal Museum but in the end I just walked a little way from Paddington to a canal area called Little Venice, then headed down to Oxford Street and Piccadilly for some shopping (nothing exciting, just a couple of ties for M and a pair of jeans and 2 new t-shirts for myself.)

Little Venice was quite picturesque but there was nothing to do there…

P1040684 P1040685 P1040687 P1040691

… so I didn’t stay long. After shopping I walked through Whitehall back to the train station

P1040662 P1040670 P1040671 P1040697 P1040699

P1040714 P1040718 P1040722 P1040724

Food today:

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with honey and blueberries and some ‘mix your own muesli’ that I made up in Whole Foods on Wednesday. I don’t generally make my own mueslis because I know I’d just use loads of dried fruit and nuts and very little in the way of grains (and so I did!) but I just made up a small amount for one breakfast and it was a lovely change! Of course I also had my bran muffin.

P1040681 P1040682

Lunch: Itsu vegetable dumpling and udon noodle soup followed by low fat frozen yoghurt topped with blueberries.

P1040704 P1040706

Dinner: A takeaway once we got home. I ordered mixed vegetable chow mein and a side portion of mixed vegetables, plus stealing a handful of chips from M, but only managed to eat less than half the chow mein.


Snacks: A nak’d mini banana bread bar & Starbucks fruit salad;


and a Frescato and chocolate tiffin triangle from Costa coffee to give me a sugar boost for the last 2 miles I had to walk to meet M – the lack of sleep was really catching up with me by then!


Way over calories obviously, but the only thing I regret is the Frescato, which was annoyingly hard to drink with a straw because the ice wasn’t pulverised enough!

Glad to be home and able to get back to normal though….

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Chrissie. Well you got some good photos even if you didn't find it so interesting. But then I always love photos of boats for some reason!

    And I really love the one of the statue of the horse and rider in front of the beautiful gothic architecture. In fact I think all the photos are great.

    I wish I could get a cone of frozen yoghurt here! No-one does it to takeaway. And I'm just not safe with a whole tub full.

    I love a bit of tiffin but it's evil for calories!

    Bearfriend xx