Friday, 16 April 2010

Thanks everybody who commented on my Obsessed post! Its nice to know that even though I might be obsessed with walking, its not necessarily a bad thing ;-). I must admit that I think there are worse things to be obsessed with anyway! I did of course walk into town today – I was planning to get my hair cut, but the hairdresser proved to be on holiday – and realised that I forgot something else that motivates my walks – the desire to see my favourite dog and have a big fuss made of me!

As I already posted at incredible length once today I’ll cut this one short and go straight to the food…

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and seven grain toast with 3 fruit marmalade bought at the local market last week

P1040093 P1040095

Lunch: Courgette & watercress soup with a mountain bread wrap filled with 3 mini Nuremburg sausages and a little grilled onion


Dinner: Vegetable pizza with butternut squash ‘fries’ and salad


Who can guess which half was mine?


Snacks: Oat So Simple porridge with soya milk and whey; mini babybel cheese and an apple


Weight today: 10 st 1.4lbs


  1. Oooh can you take a picture of the dog? I'd love to see him :)

  2. Hi Chrissie. I'm on toast and marmalade at the moment too.

    Another day packed full of super healthy food and a nice long walk. Perfect!

    If everyone lived like this the NHS budget could be halved (and then some probably).

    Bearfriend xx