Monday, 19 April 2010


Was another beautiful day, so I decided to walk into Chepstow for a latte and something sweet at the coffee shop. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately depending on your point of view, I arrived at 9:30 in the morning so the beautiful (huge) brownies, flapjacks, tarte au citron etc looked less than appealing… so I settled for a biscotti with my latte – and promptly forgot to make it Skinny! I really didn’t think the latte was nicer with full fat / semi skim – whichever it is that they use if you don’t specify skim – so I regretted the extra calories when I realised what I’d done!

On the way I said hello to my second canine friend, a working dog on a cattle farm along the Chepstow route who always seems stunned to get any attention that isn’t work related, poor thing!

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Food today:

Breakfast: I made buckwheat pancakes (only one portion left to finish the box of packet mix!) I’d decided to substitute some pumpkin puree (left over from making my pumpkin-raisin bran muffins for M the day before) for egg because one egg is needed to make 2 portions and I couldn’t bring myself to mess around beating the egg then dividing it in half (but didn’t want to eat them twice in a day again)… I also forgot to add water to the batter (but remembered to add thawed blueberries). The result? ignoring the recipe almost completely made the best pancakes so far! It might just have been because I made them smaller so they cooked quicker, but they were really good! Served with a little maple syrup and an apple, plus a left over mini sausage to test the savoury-sweet combination that is so popular in the US (I know it should’ve been bacon really). to be honest, apart from using strawberries or orange slices in a salad I think I prefer to separate out the sweet and savoury! I guess its a question of what you’re used to…


Lunch: I used up a nut roast from the freezer. The first time I had it I almost threw the second one away because I was so unimpressed (but you know me and food wastage!) I still wasn’t a fan so I won’t buy them again but I did think it was better than the first time around, so I guess it benefited from my lower expectations. I had roasted carrot, broccoli and Brussels sprouts with it.


Dinner: Lentil soup spiced up a teaspoon of curry paste, some butternut squash and the last of a bag of spinach. I intended to have Nimble with LC, added a wedge of roasted garlic flatbread at the last minute, and ended up only eating the flatbread. It tasted really good but was very greasy – even though I took it out of the oven, let it sit for a minute, then poured a small oil slick of melted butter down the sink before I cut it up. It really is amazing how much lower my tolerance for grease is now than it used to be! Unfortunately I’m now trying to increase my fat intake a bit because I have very dry skin on my hands all the time, I’m finding it a little bit difficult to get my brain around the idea as I did cut back on it a lot while losing the weight.


Snacks: All bran with peaches & Greek yoghurt; a protein smoothie with spinach; a few snack boxes of raisins and a smidgeon of peanut butter, and of course the latte with biscotti

P1040157 P1040171


Weight: 10 st 2lbs.


  1. Beautiful Spring pictures Chrissie! The dog is so cute. Just catching up from vacation - hope you are doing well!

  2. Hi Chrissie. You seem to have some very lovely dogs in Wales!

    When I have inadvertantly had whole milk in a cafe (when it forms most of the drink) it makes me feel sick. I've had semi-skimmed for so many years that anything else tastes wrong - and even makes me feel queasy.

    I love that your recipe turned out better than the "proper" one! I don't think I would have gone with the sausage though! Maybe some fromage frais or soft/cottage cheese for extra protein?

    It is so many years since I had a nut roast! I was a vegetarian in my youth and used to buy those mixes which always tasted a bit strange. Mainly I stuck to beans.

    Very nice strawberry pattern!

    Bearfriend xx