Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday and over calories – a bit!

I started the day early on roasting some yellow bell pepper and red onion. I had some roasted and peeled red peppers in the freezer, and wanted to use them to make a roasted pepper and potato soup. You may have noticed that I’m showing slightly more variety in my soups lately, OK I might eat the same soup several days in a row but I’m making much smaller batches and not just always making ‘kitchen sink’ soups every time. Once the freezer is a lot emptier I plan to declare a soup making day and produce several different soups that will allow me to mix things up a bit, as I do get a bit bored with the same soup every day.

Once that was done, I walked into town, through a fairly large horse show , and did a bit of shopping. It was a bit overcast then, though it brightened up later, and I must admit my mood was a little lower than normal, possibly because my friendly GSD wasn’t around and I was missing the affection! As a result I went slightly crazy in Waitrose and bought a naughty naughty treat to cheer myself up!!! (see below – and drool…..!!!) I know we aren’t supposed to rely on food to cheer ourselves up self medicate – but it worked, so WTH!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with (very few) peaches and toast with LC and marmalade

Lunch: Macaroni with 4 cheeses and braised fennel with a few green beans. The braised fennel – lightly browned in olive oil spray then simmered in vegetable stock – was very good, but the mac & cheese didn’t reheat very well, it was really dry, so I may throw away the last remaining piece – and make sure that next time I make it, I remember I’m replacing half the pasta with veg, not adding veg to the full amount of pasta,without increasing the basic amount of sauce!!!


Dinner: Roasted pepper soup with low calorie bread, cucumber, red onion and LC (plus one little taco shell with refried beans, lettuce, tomato, salsa, cheese…)

 P1040241 P1040242

Snacks: Protein smoothie and a very naughty bear claw pastry filled with fruit!!! (Icing slightly the worse for wear after being carried home in my rucksack!!!)


Also a few walnut halves and a little bit of peanut butter.

Weight today: 10st 1.4lbs (141.4 lbs, for US readers – I’ve been forgetting that you don’t use stones for a while!)

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  1. Hi Chrissie. "missing affection" ... sounds like M needs to step up a bit!

    I have NEVER managed to cook fennel properly. I'd love a good microwave recipe for it, if one exists. Maybe it cannot be microwaved, but I've tried sauteing and boiling with no good result.

    Bearfriend xx