Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Still can’t turn my head properly today

But other than that there’s been a little less pain today. I dug out a battery operated digital TENS machine this morning and used that for half an hour, as well as taking my strong painkillers, and managed to go for a walk (although looking both ways before crossing roads was not a lot of fun!) so I’m feeling a little more cheerful today, and hopeful that it was just me sleeping funny the other night that brought this on. I was supposed to be going to Cardiff with my brother today but I postponed it yesterday because of the back pain, and I still think that was the right move since it kept waking me up through the night – guess I turn over in my sleep more frequently than I realised!

Its beautifully warm and sunny, just slightly too cool to sit out in the garden. If it were a couple of degrees warmer I think I’d be out there with a book right now! Even so, I have some washing on the line – love being able to do that! And its just breezy enough to dry it faster!

Food today:

Breakfast: Hard boiled egg sandwich and all bran with peaches


Lunch: Home-made black bean burgers with salad & roasted veggies. I made the burgers without following a recipe! Or writing one down unfortunately! I constructed them yesterday, when they looked like a total disaster as they were so wet they barely held there shape, but after a night in the fridge and baking for half an hour in a HOT oven they turned out quite crisp and firm! I’m a complete coward about coming up with my own recipes, usually I just pick someone else’s and tweak it by switching the odd ingredient, so I was quite pleased with myself on this one. I fried some onion, ground cumin, ground coriander and red & green peppers together, let it cool, then blended it with cooked black beans, defrosted sweetcorn, breadcrumbs, seasoning and egg white. I didn’t use enough breadcrumbs in them, so I then coated them in some more, hoping they’d absorb some of the moisture. While they baked I roasted some red, yellow & green peppers, red onion, asparagus, aubergine, and halloumi cheese to top my spinach salad with. I really enjoyed this lunch! (Even though some of the veggies were ‘caramelised’ black!!!)


Dinner: Courgette & watercress soup with home-made 100% wholemeal spelt bread and LC. I did make one change to the soup – I used 100g of watercress and 100g of spinach with the 3 courgettes. Delicious! Thanks for the recipe Laura (Angel 31) & Sophie Dahl!


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with honey & muesli; some frozen grapes; a protein smoothie with blueberries, spinach and banana and a slice (small – that’s a side plate!) of Bara brith. Look at that, my soup and my smoothie are practically the same colour – must be all the spinach. Just call me Popeye!!!

 P1040073 P1040071

Weight today: 10st 3 lbs – its coming off again!


  1. What a green day! I like it :D

  2. Hi Chrissie. So glad you've managed to relieve the pain today. I hope you're currently having a better night (it's quarter to 2am as I'm writing this).

    You're certainly getting your greens at the moment! Your skin must be beautiful with all those vitamins and minerals going in. A really excellent eating day I think.

    Hope your back is feeling better tomorrow.

    Bearfriend xx