Thursday, 22 April 2010

Scenes from a disused railway track

That’s how I got into town this afternoon! Once again I demonstrated my usual childish inability to handle frustration without ingesting extra calories this morning. I had to stay in waiting for a pest control man to come from the council. Staying in meant not being able to go for a walk (obviously), not being able to do any sweaty training or noisy housework (like that was going to happen!!!). So it meant walking backwards and forwards to the freezer to collect another fudge baby. Arrggh. I NEED HELP GUYS!!! Imagine you had a cranky toddler to distract, and tell me how to avoid pigging out all the time! The stupid thing about it really is that apart from the walking, most of the things I couldn’t do today I wouldn’t have done anyway – but tell me I can’t and it drives me mad!

He finally came just after lunch, and I headed off as soon as he was done. As you can see below, the railway track I used for my walk is mainly raised up above the surrounding countryside, but its so overgrown in a lot of places that there are limited views. It is very quiet though, and its nice to breathe without worrying about car fumes!

P1040207 P1040213 P1040215  P1040219


Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: Curried cauliflower soup with an apple stirred in, topped with dry-fried onion and served with a slice of low cal bread. The soup was delicious, not too sweet but very tasty


Dinner: Sweet potato chilli with butternut squash chips and a salad


Snacks: Protein smoothie; babybel light; several many fudge babies (all gone now and won’t be any more until I’m entertaining again); a tin of tuna with a little mayonnaise and a couple of slices of gherkin to moisten it; eaten with and on cucumber and courgette slices


Weight today: 10st 3.4lbs – that’s what eating bread & jam to soak up excess wine will do!!!

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  1. Hi Chrissie. Hope you are pest free now, damn those little critters.

    Waiting in for someone causes frustration and agitation. If I were you I would just have got sweaty and not worried what the man thought!

    That looks like an interesting walk. I think I'd be constantly checking to see that there wasn't a train coming though! I'm serious ...

    Bearfriend xx