Saturday, 24 April 2010


I walked into Chepstow this morning. I carried over a couple of bags of books to donate to a charity shop, stopped in Coffee #1 for a skinny latte, and pick up some shopping.

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More Mad Men after lunch!!!

Food today:

Breakfast: Apple & blueberry buckwheat pancakes (replacing the egg with stewed apple) – delicious!!! Now the box is about gone I’m liking the pancake mix better than before!


Lunch: Curried cauliflower soup with an LC and salad sandwich followed by a slice of Irish fruit soda bread.


Dinner: Kobe beef fillet steak with butternut squash chips, dry fried mushrooms and corn on the cob – holy crap that beef was good!!! And so was the corn!!! On the side, a little rosemary foccacia.


Snacks: A gingerbread man with a decaf skinny latte in Chepstow;


all bran with peaches; some chocolates from Thorntons (it’s M’s birthday tomorrow so I bought him some as a treat, and he’s nice enough to share ;-) )… plus I bought myself a mini treat ;-)


Weight: 10st 1.5lbs.

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  1. Oh man, that mane! Makes me want to get in there in plait that right up! I've got a big old soft spot in my heart for pinto ponies. And would you look at your numbers? I don't have a clue what a stone is, so I only look at the last number - pounds I understand (or at least think I do!)