Thursday, 1 April 2010

Nasty cold day today

For the 3rd night in a row I slept badly last night. I seem to do this in a cycle – if something interrupts my sleep one night I then sleep appallingly badly for days until I’m so shattered that I finally pass out for a night and start to catch up again. As a result I wasn’t feeling very perky today, so my walk this morning wasn’t very long. It was also annoying as the sun was out when I stepped out of the front door – and then it rained on and off the whole way, with a nasty bitter cold feel to the air as well. I thoroughly regretted being out there, but had to go to my doctor’s surgery to pick up a prescription so I forced myself to keep going rather than going home for the car. I then spent the afternoon thinking about going for a nap, but decided against it as I tend to feel groggy & grumpy after napping, and didn’t want to ruin another night’s sleep either.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches & toast with jam


Lunch: A truly enormous vegetable stir fry with some greatly out-numbered prawns and a little brown rice – I finished the whole gigantic bowl, but was very stuffed by the end!


Dinner: Vegetable soup (with a teaspoon of pesto sauce stirred in) and a white (tut tut) petit pain smothered with LC. The petit pain was left over from a pack of 4 I part-baked yesterday for Mum & her OH – sadly it was no longer crusty after overnighting in a plastic bag! Now the vast amount of vegetables I’ve eaten today seem to be messing with my stomach a little bit… :-(


Snacks: A protein smoothie with avocado for healthy fats, some Greek yoghurt with honey & grape nuts, and a sliver of Mum’s date & walnut cake – still delicious!


Weight today: 10 st 2lbs

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  1. Did you make the stir fry yourself? it looks like a restaurant dish :)