Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Monday food

I felt like eating all day without stopping yesterday. I actually thought at one point I had been, but when I settled down to look at what I actually ate I realised that even though the choices weren’t the best, it broke down neatly enough into the normal number of meals, so I don;t know why I felt that way. Weird!

Breakfast: Was big! Before driving into town I had a small amount – slightly less than half a small pot of Fage 0% Greek yoghurt with a teaspoon of honey. Once I got out of the car and started walking to the train station I drank half of a Naked Superfoods ‘Green machine’ smoothie,


saving the rest for later. I stopped on the way at Costa coffee had the second half of my breakfast (I don’t count the smoothie because it was only fruit, no starchy fibre or protein – that makes it a drink not a meal in my book). The was probably a bad choice, but a very tasty one – a Costa breakfast loaf, basically a not-too-sweet carrot cake with raisins and a few seeds but none of the cream cheese frosting that I find annoyingly sweet and cloying on normal carrot cake


Lunch: At the noodle house in Greenwich I intended to go for a noodle soup, but planned for a vegetarian one. Then I spotted a seafood soup with Ho Fun (wide rice) noodles and couldn’t resist. It was amazing! it was also huge, and I didn’t think I’d be able to eat it all, but somehow did…. ;-) (My thumb included for scale)


Dinner: Nando’s Portobello mushroom & halloumi cheese burger. i wanted a green salad with it but they only had caesar. I know I might as well have had chips instead but I love caesar salad and really wanted some vegetables so I went for it anyway! No dessert though!

P1040366 P1040367

Snacks: In the morning I arrived at Tower Hill 30 minutes before the first Greenwich boat so to kill time I went into Starbucks, where I spotted something I hadn’t tried before – a skinny stem ginger muffin.


I couldn’t resist – but I left at least half, so it could have been worse! Why do coffee shops only sell ridiculously oversized versions of all their baked goods? If I ran one I’d have two sizes, one for active people / people with big appetites and a mini version for people who like a sweet treat but can’t manage a big muffin or don’t want that many calories. It seemed a real shame to leave the other half, but I’d had enough so I’m glad I did. in the afternoon I bought a small pot of yoghurt with cherry compote and granola from Pret a Manger – the granola wasn’t that nice, though the rest was good, so I wouldn’t bother again.



  1. I love those green machine smoothies, I've treat myself to one a couple of times from waitrose, there full so much good stuff I always feel very healthy after drinking one!

  2. What an interesting day you had! I'm so envious of you - just popping into London for the day. It is certainly on my list for "one of these days".

    Have a great Tuesday.

  3. Hi Chrissie. Your food today looks brilliant. I'm really struck by how different your eating is now compared with previous visits away from home. You seem much more in control these days and not letting it trigger you to eat things you don't need. Looks like progress to me!

    I've never been a fan of those "skinny" muffins. They seem to have a lot more sugar than normal ones to replace the fat, and that triggers my insulin too much. Well done for leaving half.

    Bearfriend xx