Monday, 12 April 2010

I declare Sunday a day off – no healthy eating plan today!

I didn’t even go out for a walk yesterday, as  I was feeling dodgy most of the day – headachy and a little bit of the weird upset stomach that begs to be fixed by eating and eating… TOM arrived this weekend so that probably has something to do with the fact that half way through the morning I decided that ice-cream was necessary to my continued survival, but the rest was all me. I’ve decided that as long as it doesn’t happen too often I will allow myself to declare days off once in a while just to make myself cool off a bit on the whole obsession thing (I figure making that decision up front with a  fairly cool head will mean I don’t invest it with so much significance at the time that it leads to cravings / binge moods / guilt and despair…). I don’t know if it worked, but apart from wishing I’d realised how rich and filling the ice-cream would be and stopped eating it sooner, I don’t feel like a weak-willed greedy failure-pig today – and that’s a good thing!!!

We spent a large part of Sunday planning a future trip that I’m not going to talk about just yet but will of course blog in great detail down the line (its months away yet anyway). I was left with an even greater headache and complete internet fatigue so I must admit I didn’t get around to reading my usual blogs last night, must catch up with them now…

Food today:

Breakfast: 3 courses!!!! I started off as normal with all bran with peaches & strawberries. Then added toast with jam. But somehow that wasn’t enough… so I tried something I’d been planning for a little while – fried banana with greek yoghurt and melty smooth peanut butter! I think it would have been better if I’d turned up the heat a little bit as by the time the outside went even a tiny bit brown the banana was very very soft – next time I’ll use a slightly green banana with a hotter pan. Tasted good though!


Lunch: A Nimble sandwich made with some chicken breast from my slow cooked ‘Rotisserie’ chicken and a little tomato and cucumber


Dinner: Takeaway!!! I went to our favourite Thai & Indian restaurant to pick up some takeaway food. I split a ‘mixed platter’ starter with M, then followed it with a Pad Thai with prawns (very tasty, but not quite as good as the chicken version we had when we went to the restaurant – I guess if benefits from being eaten very fresh rather than sitting in a carton while driven home and while a starter is being eaten).  If I hadn’t had the starter the main course would have been quite acceptable even on a healthy eating plan day… but then, also, there was dessert….. I bought a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Macadamia ice-cream for us to split, and I washed the meal down with (just one) beer! By the end I was stuffed, I thoroughly enjoyed it but OMG it was a lot of food!

P1040064 P1040065 P1040066

Snacks: Greek Yoghurt with honey & grape nuts (before I decided to get a takeaway) and most of a bar of Valhrona dark chocolate with orange (bought while purchasing the ice-cream – so no excuse, I knew what I was doing!!! But it took most of the day to eat, rather than the mindless scoffing in 5 mins I am perfectly capable of). Also quite a lot of frozen black seedless grapes in the morning before I declared my day off.

Weight: 10 st 2lbs


  1. I love thai food! I wish I was good at cooking it myself but somehow it's nothing like the restaurant food, even when I follow the recipe exactly...oh well!

  2. That grilled banana with pb sounds wonderful. Thats my favourite flavour ben and jerrys, I haven't had any since christmas and its calling my name!

  3. Hi Chrissie. I'm not sure the deliberate day off is a concept that could ever work for me. If my eating is good, then stepping out of the good pattern usually ends in disaster. I'm just an all or nothing type. On the other hand, sometimes with TOM is just HAVE to have chocolate and I can't be alright until I've had some, so I do understand that kind of craving.

    Bearfriend xx