Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Greenwich mean time

I’m in London again! I spent yesterday morning getting to and walking around Greenwich. Because I usually walk everywhere or take the tube I decided on a change of mode of transport, and after walking to the Tower of London from Waterloo station I boarded a City Cruises river boat and took the Thames – a thirty minute ride each way. The outward journey was good, with a recorded audio tour, but on the return there was nothing like that so I think that another time I’d probably get a single outwards and return on (or under) land!

After a few very nice weeks it was overcast and chilly yesterday – freezing on the river – but still worth the trip!

Some views from the river:

P1040250 P1040251 P1040252 P1040255 P1040257 P1040261 P1040263 P1040266 P1040276 P1040292 P1040297 P1040298

Once we arrived at Greenwich I went into the Old Royal Naval College, which has some very beautiful buildings. I wandered around there for too long, and ended up rushing the rest of my visit, but that’s another story

P1040302 P1040306 P1040307 P1040308 P1040311 P1040316 P1040321 P1040327

I then walked though to Greenwich Park, which was actually my original intended destination. In the park is the National Maritime Museum, The Queen’s House (a royal palace) and the Royal Observatory, which is the actual spot that marks the Meridian from which all longitude & latitude is measured. I focused on the Observatory, but was not as interested as I’d hoped since it was full of clocks and telescopes and scientific details that found hard to follow. Or maybe because it was lunchtime and I was getting hungry…

P1040343 P1040346 P1040347 P1040349 P1040350

The park was lovely but so sweeping and hilly that it was hard to take any good photos of it. I walked back down into the town and started looking for somewhere to eat, thinking that if I couldn’t find anything there I would get the next boat back into the City and eat there instead. I found a Noodle House, which was great (food will follow in another post as this one already has so many pictures)

After lunch I boated back to the Tower and decided to walk to the Museum of London, which houses the archaeological artefacts excavated from around London. Unfortunately the galleries housing these artefacts were being revamped so I settled for buying an expensive books of Walks around London, using their bathroom, and then walking on. I went to Smithfields to take a look at the famous Smithfields Central Market,


then was getting tired so I headed back along High Holborn, down to the Aldwych, and back to Waterloo to catch the train back to the hotel. Along the way I ran into one of the smallest and oldest pubs in London, but didn’t stop for a drink

P1040364 P1040365

I also window shopped in Hatton Garden a little. I don’t have an engagement ring even though I’ve been married for over a year because I couldn’t find anything I loved, so we agreed to wait and buy the right ring. I must admit I find that many diamonds in one place a bit inhibiting – sort of like a really massive & indulgent buffet – the sheer quantity steals my appetite! So I didn’t look for long.


  1. All of these photos make me want to go back to London! Hopefully in October.

  2. Hi Chrissie. You're really taking me back to my time in London with all these pictures! Thank you for taking the time to take and post so many pictures. London along the Thames is so interesting with the mix of modern architecture and old warehouses - plus the Tower of London!

    I have been to Greenwich but not inside the Museum - I think I might find it a bit technical.

    When I lived by the Barbican I used to walk through Hatton Garden and along High Holbern to get into central London!

    Bearfriend xx