Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday?

No exercise today – I was overdue taking a day off, but as usual the result was snackiness and piggish behaviour (see below…)

We’ve had alternating sun and deluge all day long, with the heavens opening every time we turned our backs on the sunshine. This puts me off going out and frustrates me, so as usual I ate too much – though to be fair to myself I wasn’t going all out into bingeing, just ‘normal’ overeating, and I don’t expect too much trouble getting back into my stride tomorrow. For now though I’m not feeling very verbose, so I’ll leave you with my food diary for today…

Food today

Breakfast: All bran with peaches; mushrooms on toast


Lunch: Vegetable soup with salad wraps and prawns(prawns eaten straight from the fridge without photographing)


Dinner: Fish and chips! Real, fried, greasy, unhealthy, haddock & chips!


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with honey & grape nuts; a cashew cookie Nak’d bar; several handfuls of wasabi nuts and peas; and 2 slices of Starbucks toasted fruit bread

Weight today: 10st 2.25lbs.


  1. Fish and chips look lovely, I hope you enjoyed them! Ive struggled with the urge to snack a lot today as well, at least your snacks aren't crisps and chocolate, they all sound lovely and healthy

  2. I had chips and mushy peas for good friday too :)