Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Golders Green

You know how annoying it can be if you have plans and something comes along that stops you completing those plans? Do you also know how sometimes that happens and you don’t mind because the thing that stops you in your tracks is so much better than you expected it to be?

Yesterday I finally got to Golders Green (via tube) after failing to find it last time. I planned to wander around, visit the Golders Green crematorium to see Bram Stokers final resting place, then walk back to the West End and Kensington to do some shopping.

When I arrived I did walk around a bit. I really liked the Golders Green area, it was much more appealing than places like Lambeth where I’ve been going, with lots of groceries selling goods from all over the world. I went into a Vietnamese shop selling all kinds of Oriental foodstuffs and put some goodies there. It was far too early for lunch so I didn’t go into any of the Kosher restaurants and cafes that I planned to try, but instead started walking towards the crematorium planning to go back at lunchtime.

Once I realised how huge the place was I pretty much gave up on finding Bram Stoker and was photographing a plaque to Marc Bolan (whose ashes are buried there with his parents’) when I was approached by a man who worked there and started showing me photos of various significant plaques and urns, then offered to show me Bram Stoker. His name was Eric Willis, he’s a maintenance man at the crematorium but also does unofficial tours for visitors sometimes, and he was so helpful, friendly and enthusiastic that I couldn’t drag myself away! I was expecting to spend an hour there at most, but it turned into 3 hours or so including a look behind the scenes at the cremators and other machinery involved into the process. You’re probably thinking that I sound a bit ghoulish, but in all honesty it was a lovely place, beautifully landscaped gardens, friendly staff and had a wonderful atmosphere. I can’t think of anywhere nicer to put a lost loved one, then visit and pay respects. There are lots of famous people buried, stored or scattered on the gardens there – in addition to Bram Stoker and Marc Bolan, there is Sigmund Freud and his family, Peter Sellers, Anna Pavlova, and many more. Some of the plaques had little information but some told you a bit about the person and how they died, and there were a few mausoleums in the grounds as well.

P1040373 P1040374 P1040375 P1040376 P1040379


P1040390 P1040393 P1040395

The gardens, where the ashes are scattered if that’s what the families want, are stunning. They’re intended to provide a peaceful happy place for people to spend time remembering their loved ones, and its so much more conducive to remembering the good times than any church graveyard I’ve ever been in!

P1040377 P1040378 P1040383 P1040384 P1040396 P1040397 P1040399 P1040402

All in all it was a wonderful visit, and I’d strongly recommend it to anyone in North London – especially if you’re lucky enough to meet Eric for a tour!

I was going to separate out the food talk again, but I changed my mind. I didn’t have a very good day food-wise, but I enjoyed it!!!

Food today:

Breakfast: Fage 2% Greek yoghurt with honey, strawberries and a bran muffin (nowhere near as filling as I found this breakfast last time)

Lunch: Not eaten till around 2:35, by which time I was starving! I went to the Cafe Rouge in Hampstead and had a Cafe Baguette (steak in a baguette with fries and salad) then had dessert….

P1040405 P1040406

Dinner: I wasn’t very hungry when I got back to the hotel, but M was so I had to go along since he hadn’t been lucky enough to eat a huge late lunch like me! I decided to try to get the evil stuff out of my system, so we had pizza. Mine was a thin (Italian) crust Vegetable Supreme with only half the normal amount of cheese though!


Snacks: Just one snack today! A brunch pot from Caffe Nero (Low fat yoghurt with granola & strawberry compote) with a single chocolate and a small pack of Nak’d cherry infused raisins and a fruit smoothie blended with ice.

P1040368 P1040369


  1. This is a very interesting blog and so i like to visit your blog again and again. Keep it up.


  2. Wow, that tour sounds like something I would LOVE to do, not ghoulish at all! I'm so fascinated in stuff like that, thanks for sharing :)

  3. HOLY CRAP! I lived NEXT DOOR to that crematorium for three years when I was a kid and I never knew all that cool stuff was in there! It was just a creepy place we had to walk past to get from the bus stop at the end of the road to our house on the circle.

    Huh - the things you miss when you are a kid.

    (and here I'm assuming there aren't two large crematoriums in Golders Green...

  4. Hi Chrissie. Sounds like a brilliant tour! I would never have thought of it. If they don't organise official tours then they really should. Personally I've always wondered what they did with people's gold teeth when they cremate them .... Probably wouldn't want to know the answer though!

    Those grounds are so beautiful. Glad you had a lovely day ... amongst the dead!

    That dessert looks fab! I could just eat that. But instead I shall be doing something with options chocolate drink and very low fat soft cheese - which is quite a good combination.

    Bearfriend xx

  5. That crematorium definitely does sound interesting the gardens look stunning! Never much space for gardens in graveyards is there....the town I'm from had to open a third graveyard a few years ago due to "overcrowding" ick....