Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Going with the flow

Good walk today, found a new no-roads route into town on a disused railway track. Photos will follow, but I had no camera today.

Don’t know why, but I felt like getting a little bit merry tonight. But I am such a cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap date…

2 glasses of wine.

2 glasses of not very strong wine.

I’m plastered.

OK, the first glass was before dinner (but hardly on an empty stomach as I’m a strong believer in at least 2 snacks a day)

But 2 glasses of not very alcoholic wine, and I’m plastered.

And happy to be.

Life is quite nice right now. Warm happy glow and all that. Aaaaah.

Nice. Apologies for the spelling and grammatical errors that probably follow. But not really because I don’t care right now. Happy sigh.

Food today:

Breakfast: all bran with peaches

Lunch: Chicken & mushroom lasagne leftovers with a side dish of courgettes with bacon – courgettes slowly stewed with garlic, parsley, pancetta and tomatoes – and a salad. Mmmm. The courgettes were good!

P1040202 P1040203

Dinner: Curried cauliflower soup with a grilled vegetable salad and (did I mention?) 2 glasses of wine. I suspect more will follow. Though I may have to arm wrestle M for it, and he sometimes lifts weights….

P1040204 P1040205

Snacks: Porridge and popcorn and a babybel light and raisins and peanut butter and fudge babiesAnd another attempt at cheat’s bread & butter pudding(all within calories! But that may change with more wine…) … it was better in terms of consistency, but my Bara brith was tastier. Oh no, I’ll have to make it again ;-)P1040201

Weight this AM: 10 st 1lb.


  1. Ha ha, good for you petal, nothing wrong with a little drink when you fancy it! Hope you enjoy yourself tonight x

  2. haha I'm also a very cheap date! Hope you enjoyed yourself :)