Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Getting better and feeling more cheerful today

The back pain is easing up – though I managed to aggravate it earlier while changing the bedding :-(

I got the same level of reduced pain today from Ibuprofen as yesterday I got from the TENS machine PLUS paracetamol & codeine – so much better! I didn’t expect that at first to be honest; when I went to bed last night and relaxed into a comfortable position for my back, I got a pain at the base of my skull then woke up first thing both aching and with a splitting headache. I’m only 38 but I’m starting to feel like I’m falling apart at a great rate!!! The ibuprofen took care of the headache too though, and I managed to get a shortish walk in late morning (a very grey walk – the sun didn’t come out till afterwards :-( ) At this rate my back should be OK in a couple of days and I can stop turning my whole body to look over my right shoulder ;-) In the spirit of trying to be more cheerful now, unless I have a relapse I will do my best not to moan about it tomorrow – I’m sure I can find something else to complain about!

Food today: Breakfast: Slow cooker steel cut oats cooked with soy milk, chopped apple and cinnamon and served with Greek yoghurt mixed with tinned pumpkin, maple syrup and more cinnamon; plus a protein shake (the whey should have gone into the oats but they were too dry and I didn’t want to cool them down by adding more milk / cold water when I was already going to moisten them a bit with the yoghurt) I stirred it together after this and it looked awful – very part-digested – but was good, tasty and quite filling though I never find oats of any kind as filling as I’d like


Lunch: Courgette & watercress soup with home-made spelt bread and LC


Dinner: Slow cooker sweet potato chilli with grated cheese, buttermilk cornbread and a small side salad. This was lovely! I used a mixture of hot and mild chilli powder and replaced the chipotle chilli powder with Discovery Chipotle paste and it had a real kick to it, with a great smoky flavour from the smoked paprika and chipotle paste!


Snacks: Babybel mini cheese, all bran with peaches, protein smoothie (just fruit, no spinach for a change – and I enjoyed it more than usual if I’m honest) with more Greek yoghurt


EDIT: I forgot to mention some more snacking… did I forget, or did I blank it out of my mind??? Hmmm…. OK, I’ll come clean… while on my walk this morning I may or may not have bought (and devoured) a Cadburys creme egg AND a mini bag of Haribo Starmix sweeties. Oops!

Weight today: 10 st 3lbs. Hmm. Maintaining – a tiny bit higher than I want to


  1. Glad your back's on the mend :-)

  2. That chili looks fabulous! I love sweet potato anything. Glad you are feeling better.

  3. Hi Chrissie. Getting a pain at the base of your skull sounds very scary. Maybe you should investigate what is causing all this. I mean whether it is muscular or skeletol, or something to do with the nerves or what. It sounds like you need some professional help - like realigning or something.

    I actually find that ground rice porridge is much more filling than that made of oats. If I have oats it will be two bowls. But with rice I only want one. I have a theory that the energy takes so long to be released from the oats the stomach doesn't register it for a longer time. Whereas with rice porridge I feel full straight away. And I find it very sustaining as well.

    That smoothie is an amazing colour! I wouldn't worry about leaving out the spinach - you eat so much veg already.

    Bearfriend xx