Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Feeling better today…

As I went to visit my Mum. Her laptop tried to commit suicide at the end of last week, and though she’s brought it back to life and re-installed lots of software she was struggling with the security side of things, so I went over to help her sort out the anti-virus software etc.

Then we walked into town and went to a little Chinese restaurant where they do a sit-down 2 course lunch for £5 – and good quality too! The town where she lives isn’t the most attractive, so just one photo today


Food today:

Breakfast: Slow cooker steel cut oats with vanilla whey and peaches – lovely and creamy this time!


Lunch: Vegetable soup and vegetarian Singapore chow mein

100_0172 100_0173

Dinner: Prawn stir fried with lots of vegetables – I was still feeling vaguely Chinese-y!


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with honey & grape nuts; one hobnob; an orange & poppy seed cupcake from a new cupcake cafe in my Mum’s town


Weight today: Didn’t bother weighing in as I wouldn’t believe anything it said right now anyway.

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  1. Hi Chrissie. I can't make it out too clearly - but is that a polar bear on that sign?! Wonderful!

    You ate a lot of chinese today! But it all looks pretty healthy. Esp the one you made yourself of course.

    That cupcake looks delightful! The best cupcake I have had was a while ago in Dingles (House of Fraser). It was a choccie one and the only decent cupcake I've ever had in a cafe. Ever tried Costas cupcakes? I only ever had one and it was so chemical and sweet I was never tempted again.

    Bearfriend xx