Saturday, 17 April 2010

Beautiful, beautiful day!

Sunny bright, mild and with none of the arctic winds we’ve had the last few days – perfect weather for a walk – and as I haven’t published many non-food photos lately, here are a few from my relaxing, peaceful and utterly enjoyable walk into town today…

Including a couple of my favourite canine buddy – she doesn’t like having her photo taken – sadly she’s partly obscured by the cast iron gate that always separates us – but you can still see the love in her eyes!!!  ;-)


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Got a New cook book from Amazon today. You may have noticed lately I’ve become a little obsessed with my slow cooker (badly timed I know as most people use them more in cold weather!) – I got a slow cooking curry and spice dishes book. I’ve glanced through it and seen literally tens of recipes I really want to try – unfortunately, due to a chronic over-shopping & over-cooking problem that I have my freezer(s) are bulging at the seams and I’m going to have to perform a clear out week before I can try anything new. Don’t worry though, I will be trying to jazz things up a bit with more interesting accompaniments, and some of what needs eating is more in the ingredient line than the leftovers line so I hope my meals won’t instantly become mind-numbingly boring (for you to read about OR me to eat!)

We spent this afternoon watching Paranormal Activity. I had very low expectations of the movie after reading a few very critical reviews on WLR, but I was pleasantly surprised – it certainly wasn’t terrifying, had essentially no special effects, but was quite atmospheric and interesting enough to hold our attention to the end!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and seven grain toast with 3 fruit marmalade. I’m loving the marmalade, I really feel I can taste the fact that it isn’t packed with horrible HFCS or artificial colours, flavourings & preservatives

Lunch: A huge monster of a stir fry of vegetables with some lean beef escalope and a little sauce made by mixing reduced sodium soy, sriracha and rice vinegar – very tasty and I finished every morsel!!!


Dinner: Courgette & watercress soup (last portion :-( - I’ll be making it again though!) with LC, roasted red pepper, halloumi and Nimble. Followed by a slice of seven grain bread with jam!


Snacks: A pumpkin-raisin bran muffin (I made a dozen for M and one of them stuck to the supposedly un-stickable silicon muffin pan so badly that only half the muffin came out – I felt obliged to eat that one!!!); Oat So Simple porridge (I’m using up some boxes in the cupboard so expect to see that reappear till they’re all gone!)

Weight today: 10 st 1.5lbs.


  1. Aww that doggie is so cute, she looks like she really wants to get out and play! :)

    Looks like you have some nice scenery on your walks!

  2. Hi Chrissie. What a lovely doggie! I want to cuddle that dog! And you have some beautiful scenery to walk through. No wonder you enjoy your walking so much!

    Another wonderful eating day. Your food really is A1 at the moment.

    Bearfriend xx