Friday, 30 April 2010

Back to earth again

Its rained a lot here today, interspersed with the occasional sunny interval. I have only watched that from indoors though, as I decided to make today a rest day after walking so much on so little sleep this week! I have therefore been struggling with the desire to eat everything in sight, but I’ve so far resisted very well. I’m making today (and the next few days at least) into vegetarian detox-ing meals as well – not a proper detox as I’ve no intention of cutting out the bread and dairy elements of my diet, but vegetarian food does enough to make me feel better after eating excessive sugar and sodium for a few days!

Food today:

Breakfast: Big bowl of all bran with tinned pineapple in natural juice and some toast with LC and marmalade

Lunch: Tempeh in hoisin-chilli marinade with a vegetable stir fry


Dinner: Roasted red pepper soup and a grilled vegetable roll-up (mountain bread wrap from Whole Foods Market. I love these wraps! And only 70 calories each!)

 P1040731 P1040732

Snacks: An orange, protein smoothie,


and protein porridge

Weight today: 10st 4.4lbs (144.4lbs)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Chrissie. You definitely deserved a day of rest after so many days on your feet. I had a rest day too - in my case it was because I've really struggled to sleep all week for some reason, so I'm knackered!

    I love the colour of that red pepper soup!

    Bearfriend xx