Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Water, water everywhere…

It has rained here ALL DAY. I mean that quite literally, it simply hasn’t stopped. This is why we live in Wales, for the great weather…

I headed out for a walk this morning, popping to the library to return some books (one rather overdue – whoops) thinking it was dry. As soon as I stepped out of the house I knew that wasn’t so, but it was such light rain I took a chance on it. It then gently drenched me the whole way there and the whole way back. But I still got my walk in, so the day wasn’t a dead loss!

I also got some baking in, and that’s never a dead loss! The first thing I baked was the spelt bread I mixed up yesterday. Overnight the dough had gone very wet and a bit sloppy so I wasn’t hoping for much – and as it came to room temperature before being baked it seemed to be spreading out to form a shapeless splat on the baking tray. Lovely! I kept folding it over on itself in the hope it would stick together into a more coherent mass! Luckily once it went into the oven it did manage to rise and solidify a bit – I would say coagulate, but that word brings unpleasant associations to mind – and eventually it ended up looking like quite a nice free form loaf. Doesn’t taste bad either!


Then I did some ‘Around the world’ baking – but I have to admit I cheated! Today’s around the world country was… Wales!!! I baked a famous Welsh teabread called Bara brith. Its kind of similar to a sweet raisin bread except that you use a mix of dried fruits and peel. I have eaten Bara brith before, several years ago while on holiday in North Wales, and its delicious. I can’t help noticing a mistake in the instructions that I should have picked up before mixing the batter – if you take 450g of flour, 360g (total) of dried fruit, 3 eggs, and all the other ingredients, is it realistic to believe it will all fit into a 500g loaf tin??? I think not… I ended up using a 1lb tin AND a 2lb tin (which is currently still baking). But the batter was very tasty… what? Of course I tried it – just checking it for ill effects, don’t you know! And the smell is delicious! I’ll be freezing most of it for my Mum, but we’ll have to check its OK first, of course!


Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and a soft boiled egg with toast soldiers


Lunch: I had my dinner at lunch time because I found myself picking again. I had a bison burger (no roll / bread) topped with some caramelised pepper and onion, served with home-made oven chips and a big salad. It was delicious! I followed it with a fruit jelly.


Dinner: Vegetable soup with a home-made roll (the last of my quinoa bread) spread with LC.


Snacks: I finished off the bite-size seeded spelt crackers; I had a protein smoothie; I accidentally bought a little pic ‘n’ mix at Tesco… oh yes, and you could count licking batter of the beater of my new Kenwood Chef Stand Mixer!!! Not literally – but not far off!!!

Weight today: 10st 3.25lbs.


  1. Toast soldiers? What a delightful saying. I've never heard them called that, nor have I ever seen them sliced as such. Is this a Wales thing or did you just make it up?

  2. I made that Bara Brith before, it was a recipe in the Sunday Times low GI diet plan from a few years ago. Definitely tasty! It's funny I hate fruit cake, but love fruit brack/tea bread type things...

    Well it's not that funny I suppose...