Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sunny Sunday

What a beautiful day its been today, compared to yesterday! Sunshine virtually all day and I managed to get in a good walk this morning.

Spring has sprung is springing!


As I walked down one road, I bumped into a man walking his dog who pointed out a very unexpected sight in a nearby car park:


Not at the side of the road where you could easily picture the series of events, but in a small car park attached to some residences. Weird – and not something you see every day around here!

I walked about 5 miles, actually slightly uncomfortably warm as it was so mild today. I was originally planning a longer walk but cut it short due to the unpleasant sensation of sweat running down my back! (Ironically in the gym I love that feeling as it makes me feel like I’ve really worked out, but when I’m dressed in ‘real clothes’  - yuck!!!)

Food today has also been better:

Breakfast: Slow cooker steel-cut oats mixed with soya milk, raisins and vanilla whey and topped with a miniscule amount of peanut butter to finish off the jar this morning. I’ve never had steel-cut oats before and quite liked the chewiness they retained even after cooking for hours, but I think my heart still belongs to oatbran for its creaminess. They might grow on me though! Sorry for the bland photo!


Lunch: Vegetable soup and a mountain bread wrap containing Chavroux goat’s cheese, mixed salad leaves (cut from a box of ‘living salad’), tomatoes, cucumber and red onion. I topped the soup with a little nutritional yeast as an experiment, but didn’t feel it really added anything so I’ll save it for the popcorn for now


Dinner: Tofu marinated in hoisin-chilli marinade with vegetable fried noodles. It was going to be a fried rice till I realised I’d actually managed to run out of brown rice!


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with honey & grape nuts;  2 No-No crackers, some raisins, and a small bowl of all bran with peaches

Weight today: 10st 4.5 lbs of semi-digested pigging yesterday!


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