Monday, 1 March 2010


I should probably mention that I’ve decided to cover Sundays on Monday mornings from now on so that Sunday evening can be more of a ‘husband time’ than a blogging time!

Yesterday was a bit of an inbetween day for me. On the one hand I walked about 9 miles, so exercise-wise I’m quite happy. On the other hand, I snacked a bit more as a result (though nowhere near going over calories) and I would prefer to find a way of balancing the snacks, having larger meals and fewer / less calorific snacks in an attempt to retrain myself. I suppose these things take time, and of course the problem with increasing the calories of meals in response to training is that it makes meal planning much harder. While I do sometimes change my mind about a meal on the day, I normally try to plan ahead at least a few days if only to make the shopping easier. Still, we’ll see how it goes. I suppose I can always take the approach of adding potatoes / noodles / rice to a previously planned meal if necessary!

It was wet all day pretty much yesterday – including the time I spent walking into Chepstow and back. When I started out I didn’t think it was raining, but as soon as I got out of the house I realised it was just drizzling lightly. For once I didn’t let that put me off, and I was glad I didn’t because I didn’t get very wet – although I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have in better weather either.

When I got home I discovered that M had been shopping and bought some little desserts from Waitrose – little in size, not little in calories! It was delicious, but if I hadn’t walked so far I would have said no thanks I think.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and vegetarian cumberland sausages in Nimble

Lunch: Chunky vegetable soup with LC and red onion on beer bread


Dinner: Turkey roast dinner followed by an individual lemon posset (forgot to photograph the dessert, sorry about that!)


Snacks: A banana on the way to Chepstow; an Innocent smoothie and a chocolate caramel heart on the way home; Greek yoghurt with cereal and honey; a couple of small handfuls of dried fruit – berry mix. Most of it was healthy, but still a bit excessive.

Weight today: 10 st 1.5lbs.


  1. That turkey dinner looks delicious. It feels like ages since I had a sunday roast dinner!

  2. Hi Chrissie. Walking 9 miles entitles you to a little extra I think! So is M still commited to his weight loss project??? Or was it a slip up ie small dessert must mean small calories type of thing?

    Very impressive looking turkey dinner! I had chicken with veg and mash tonight - which is the healthiest meal I've had in at least a week. I have been in a crumpets/chocolate/pizza zone ...

    Bearfriend xx