Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sorry I’m late!

But I was having a busy – and really good – day yesterday!

I spent the morning walking and photographing – I went to Richmond, Surrey first, then walked along the Thames to Twickenham. From there I caught a train into London Waterloo, had some lunch, and walked around the city for a few hours. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I saw some amazing architecture. I also bought a theatre ticket for this afternoon (Tuesday) – I’m finally going to see The Mousetrap, now in its 58th year (so I’ll be posting about today tomorrow as well)

Some photos of Richmond:

P1030528 P1030531 P1030533 P1030534

P1030542 P1030544  P1030547 P1030548 P1030555 P1030557 P1030560 P1030565 P1030567 P1030569

I wasn’t in a shopping mood, so I just wandered around the town and then headed off to the river so I could follow the river path to Twickenham (about 1.5 miles away by road, probably slightly more by river). I’ll post my Twickenham photos separately as this is already a huge picture-heavy post.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches at home; a skinny caramel latte with a biscotti at Costa when I got here


Lunch: Sushi and a thai basil lemonade at Itsu


Dinner: Nando’s Roasted portabello mushroom & halloumi cheese burger with a mixed leaf salad and one chicken wing (shared with M). I know Nando’s is a chain, but I was very impressed with their food!

P1030608 P1030609 P1030612

I didn’t weigh this morning and won’t be until Friday – on which day I expect you’ll hear my howls of disgust from where-ever you are!!!

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  1. That halloumi burger looks lovely. I haven't been to Nandos in ages but I know what I'm having the next time I go now!